Leighanne Bent

Articles written: 100

Irish version of Bridget Jones who has a deep love for all things prosecco.

  • Favourite cocktail bar
  • Favourite restaurant
    Bintang in Kentish Town
  • Special skill
    Making world-class negronis

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MAM - London Restaurant Review

Notting Hill

The closest I’ve gotten to visiting Vietnam involved a 13 day trip to Thailand where one girl fell through a burning ring of fire, another missed her flight because she...
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Pilgrim - London Pop-Up Review


Picture the scene: you, your three best mates, one long ass stretch of road...and a Fiat. I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is no. This is not the...
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Lucky & Joy - London Pop-Up Review

Lucky & Joy

Ellen Parr, who was responsible for last year’s futuristic dining event Operation Red Rocket, has landed back to earth with a mighty thump this year as she brings another pop-up,...
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Chimayo Chelsea - London Restaurant Review

The Chelsea Lodge

There’s one question that I constantly change my answer to - ‘what’s your favourite food’?. One day it’s Mexican; the next, it’s Italian. Chimayo in Fulham, however, happens to specialize...
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Demon, Wise and Partners - London Bar Review

Demon, Wise and Partners
Liverpool Street

Yeah, it’s summer. And yeah, I should be out soaking up some vitamin D at any given opportunity, but despite your common beliefs, summer in London isn’t all about rooftops...
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