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Let me start by stressing the importance of your assignment. As some of our most trusted agents in the organisation, only you are suitable for this difficult task. 


I shall keep this short as time is of the essence – information has been received that suggest one of our rank is a double agent.


We believe the agent in question used an MI6 surveillance van last. Your assignment is to search this van for any clue as to the double agent’s identity. As master cryptographers, we trust you have the skills to succeed. In the interests of national security, you cannot fail in your task.


I repeat, you cannot fail.





Trapped Undercover is an immersive, escape-room-style van that brings the fun to you. Travelling anywhere within the M25 and £1 per mile thereafter, hire of the van includes a games master who will lead you through this action packed hire.

The van can either be hired for a half day for three hours (£649) and includes 3 hour long game sessions or 6 half hour game sessions for 18 to 38 players. Full day (£899) includes 5 hour long game sessions or 10 half hour game sessions for 30 to 60 players. Teams play in groups of 6 to 8 in a round robin style competition.

Perfect for team building, the game will be plunging you into the murky underworld of MI6. Using the clues and working together to solve puzzles, players will be put through their paces as they explore the van looking for information that will lead to the revealing of the double agent. Great for birthday parties and corporate events, the van only needs a parking space to bring the experience to you.




Trapped Undercover: The Mobile Escape Game is perfect for: 

- Corporate Events

- Christmas Parties

- Team Building

- Birthday Parties

- Festivals

- Weddings


Make your next event memorable with an immersive escape room on site or park the van at your office for a day of fun!




Trapped Undercover is available by enquiry. Enquire through DesignMyNight and we will be in touch ASAP with the game's availability. 




How many people can be in the room at one time?

We recommend six players as the optimum number but Trapped Undercover can take upto eight players or as low as two!


How does the game work for private hire exactly?

Trapped Undercover operates a round robin game system where teams compete one after another to be the quickest team. Groups go through the game one at a time in either half hour or hour long games. At the end of the day, the fastest team wins! 


What is a mobile escape game?

Trapped Undercover is a fully renovated and kitted out panel van. This makes the escape room able to travel to you! The van is delivered free within the M25 and is fully ready to play with an immersive game master. For outside the M25, there is a delivery cost of £1 per mile.


What about parking?

We do not currently provide parking within the hire price. For this experience, parking must be provided. Alternatively, you can visit the experience at its home base outside Bunker 51 near North Greenwich.


Do you have other escape rooms or activities we can do alongside Trapped Undercover?

We have two other escape rooms, Trapped in a Prison Van and Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. Trapped Undercover can be parked at either of these game rooms to rotate between the rooms. Or, we can team up with another experience to make a day of it. We're in partnership currently with Bunker 51 if you'd like to do laser tag, paintball or scare experiences in an underground military bunker near North Greenwich!




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