Aliens Tested Our Communication Skills At This Immersive Gaming Experience

Published . By Ed Christmas.

Anyone who knows me knows that there is a competitive streak in everything I do; first person to finish that pizza slice, first person to finish their wine and first person to the bar. I’m a natural. So on getting wind from a friend that they had just started at a hyper-immersive gaming venue, Electronic Theatre, I knew I had to go down and try the next big thing. Created by the team behind Tough Mudder, I could almost feel the adrenaline running through me - I was ready for battle.

Electronic Theatre | Immersive Experience Review London | DesignMyNight

Think you can take on an alien invasion? Head here to find out.  

Tucked away opposite Southwark tube station, Electronic Theatre hails itself as the latest high-tech experience venue. Once you get yourselves settled in, you’re given a relatively light headpiece that’s considerably less clunky than what you’d get in a VR experience (think retro sun visor), and you’re good to go.

All set in a small room of neon projections and 360 degree shenanigans, the options consist of a thirty or sixty-minute session, along with the choice of two games. Opting for 60 minutes of the Alien Aptitude Test (starting from £20 pp), we embarked on the adventure. The story? It's 1984 in London, and aliens were, like the game title suggests... putting us to the test.

Electronic Theatre | Immersive Experience Review London | DesignMyNight

You'll need to make sure your noggin is ready..  

Without revealing too many of the challenges, the essential tactic is that you become the ‘mouse’ with your visor headpiece, while the floor itself acts as a ‘mousepad’ within a lightbox. With this? You control what is on the projection based on where you are mapped out on the floor. Adjusting to the movements is no doozy, but that only adds to the fun. Working with your group, you are graded anything from E- to A+ based on how you perform in the challenges. One tip? Communication is key; resist the urge to blame that one friend who costs you a grade.

Electronic Theatre | Immersive Experience Review London | DesignMyNight

Electronic Theatre is providing a thrilling twist on a classic night out.

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Electronic Theatre will provide you and your group with enough memories to be talking about months later (we still do). And with anything from building up a bit of rapport within your team, to giving your mates that pick me up they needed, this experience gives you a classic 10/10 night.