DesignMyNight Awards Winners 2014/15

Every year sees countless additions to London's nightlife scene, with new trends, new gimmicks and new openings sweeping the capital. Here at DesignMyNight, we like to do our own little Oscars-esque ceremony each year; so after tallying up your votes, we can reveal the biggest, best and brightest nightlife winners this year in London. Don't worry, there won't be any awful awkward speeches, just London's finest venues getting the accolades they deserve. Check out our DesignMyNight Award Winners 2014/15, and you never might even be inspired to try out some of our worthy champions.

Best Bar - Nightjar

2719 user reviews 4

Those with sense enough to come supping around Shoreditch should have heard of our Best Bar in 2014/15 already. A veritable cornucopia of concoctions laced in liquor and creativity, this notably hard den to crack is not only heralded for its speakeasy interiors, spirits seriousness and smooth jazz notes, it's known for being one of the best in the boozy business. And boy, did this year's DMN crowds prove it.

Best Club - XOYO

43 user reviews 4

Oh XOYO, from abandoned printworks to DesignMyNight Award Winner, how far you've come. A cracking party palace with a dash of industrial on its side, this Shoreditch club came trumps yet again in the party polls. Known for their underground names and heaving, split level design, it's no wonder that Skream once had the get up and go to start a conga line at XOYO, this heralded club simply demands such antics.

Fun flambé antics, cocktails cradled in popcorn pots and drinks laced with a side of bacon, if there's anyone taking home Best Cocktail Bar, you made sure it was London Cocktail Club Oxford Circus (and so did they, being all delicious and that). Off-kilter interiors blended with trendy, tasty notes and a party crowd, cocktails bar with attitude best be watching, they've something very special to learn here.

Acton? You'll forget that it's in the arse end of nowhere once the sights and sounds of Aeronaut come a cropper. A relatively new joint already snagging the public's vote for Best All-In-One Venue, Aeronaut seemingly ticks it all off the list: booming beer garden with heated, themed booths, and indoor Spiegeltent with one of the best circus shows in town, and in-bar brewery and a way cute hot air balloon booth. Phew.

Happy Hour and 1 other offer

A lush and loud London bar group heralded for their happy hours, heaving party nights and delicious concoctions, it's a treat to see DMN voters snagging Dirty Martini Bishopsgate as their favourite Party Bar in London. Deck out your bod in your finest party garms and head on down for bartender misbehavin', impromptu dancefloors, dashing guests and more. So many Londoners are doing it already.

Best Happy Hour - Simmons

159 user reviews 4

Hallowen Afternoon Tea 2020

A totally kitsch kid with the public on their side, it looks like a lot of you have been cocktail cavorting here recently, voting in Simmons King's Cross as having one of the Best Happy Hours in London. Not only do their ever so cutesy and lush libations come in at just 2 for £10 every day of the week, there's glasses of wine coming a cropper at just £2.50 in their 5 hour happy hour. Talk about delicious scrimping and saving. 

Diamond dames and dapper chappers pretty much sealed the Best Event deal as they voted in the one and only, Candlelight Club. Boasting the best vintage inspired antics in the city, Candlelight Club are doing something delicious with the dated, inviting guests for elusive prohibition parties, swinging hits, speakeasy supping and some of the best live music in the business. Crack out your clams, a ticket's what you're wanting.

We get it, why gather in a pub when Victoria Park is but next door. But then again, we don't get it, as this darling garden goodie is well worth your tinkerings and time. Even the public vote says so. A cracking East London plot with not only some of the best roasts in the business, People's Park Tavern is just that, for the people. People who love glorious wee tables, wooden huts and botanics by the boat load.

For those of you that queued an hour or so in the bitter winter winds for Night Tales, you'll understand why this late night sweetheart snagged our Best Pop-Up. Not only hankering street food swipers with a collection of cartels, Night Tales and their purpose built party arena was a cool cabin of raised spaces, a heaving dance floor, cocktail bars and must-hug outdoor heaters. Come back to us sweet thing, you've an award to collect.

While it's no surprise that South London smashes it in terms of suburban inspired boozing, there's an outdoor space toting enough garden goodies to get even the Central London crooners interested. Nabbing Best Outdoor Space courtesy of our public vote, The Magic Garden have proven their fresh air fancies with the twinkling of fairy lights, vintage furniture, of kilter colours and a cracking pattern palate.

The blundering nudge of elbows, the sweat of riff scratching, the impromptu crowd surf and the amp dragging, in your opinion, a music venue would be nothing without it. At the forefront of London's independent music scene and toting a space of cracking and crammed gig nights, you voted in Old Blue Last as the Best Live Music Venue in London. And too right. Have you seen that upcoming roster? It's rampant, it's loud and its looking all that.