Basing House Club Shoreditch - Review

By The Reviewer.

Where can we go clubbing, in a proper club, past 3am in the Shoreditch area? This was always a question that i struggled to answer, even in Shoereditch, which is meant to be the party capital of London...out of a shiny black facade rose Basing House promising incredible sound systems, great djs and a proper boutique clubbing experience...after quite a few pre-drinks we pulled up outside Basing House at midnight on a Saturday night...

Ambience and decor

I'll be honest, the shiny black building with solitary bouncer and limited queue unnerved me; were we at a strip club instead of a nightclub? Assuring the group this was the place, we headed in. As you cross the door the bass hits you and having paid the £10 entry fee we opened a second door and boom...there was the club we had hoped for. The room is essentially one big dance floor with the DJs on a platform on the left (as you walk in) and a semi circle bar hugging all of the right hand side. There is military netting on the ceiling and with an already lowish ceiling you really feel cocooned in; a full on sensorial clubbing experience.

Amazingly there is also an upstairs roof terrace, unfortunately (for me) ruined by lots of smokers but a large outside terrace is a lovely touch to have, for that much needed break from dancing. 

When we arrived the place was pretty full already with a crowd there simply to forget the outside world and get taken in by the bass.

         The crowd enjoying Basing House's unique atmosphere

Clientele and atmosphere

You come to Basing House to have it and dance basically and this was evident with the crowd of twenty somethings all with their arms in the air and smiles on their faces. Shoreditch being Shoreditch there is a cacophony of types from trendies to young professionals. Everyone was in very high spirits and lets face don't come to a place like Basing to mingle!  

The atmosphere was electric filled with bass and approving hollerings from the crowd loving every drop. As with most brilliant clubs, the crowd aren't there to pose, they are there to dance and it doesn't matter whether you're black or white straight or gay...everyone is together in a harmonious buzz of great music.

         Basing House outside Terrace


Due to the sheer magnitude of the drinks bar, flanking the whole back end of the room, you don't have to wait too long. During peak times we weren't waiting more than five mins and around three you could get served straight away. The drink prices vary depending on the night but they will never be splash the cash. I would say forty quid will get you plenty...especially after a free pre-drinks session at home! 


Now this is where Basing House clearly excels (as you would hope). The owners very cleverly hand over the space to promoters and let them sort the nights out and bring in the punters. Therefore you will probably see very much "on trend" nights to suit the current nightlife clubbing scene. At the moment expect some incredible deep tech house reminiscent of some crazy ibiza nights. The fact that the sound system is the best available and the club is the perfect space it doesn't surprise me that promoters have already bagged most of the nights until summer 2012!

         Hands in the air and enjoy the bass!


Basing House is a club and when I say club I mean a proper nightclub, not a bar with a DJ or a pub with a banging upstairs floor..this is what clubbing is about. The fact that the space is perfect for some hardcore boutique clubbing (with great air con) that also has reasonable door charges, outdoor space, fun crowd and amazing music make for delicious clubbing cake with all the cherries on top that you could ever want! If you want to see what iconic ibiza nightclub DC10 might be like or indeed relive a memorable night there then Basing House should be your first stop in London: quite simply the best clubbing experience I have had in London in a long time. Will I be back? Probably every weekend!