Boutique Bars In London

With London playing home to some of the most quaint, quirky and unique cocktail bars in the world, why would you want to venture into any run-of-the-mill chain for a bog-standard bev? We've got cute'n'kitsch cocktails spots that are perfect for a cosy cuddle-up, hidden speakeasy dens that can rustle up a plethora of punchy pitchers, and bespoke basement bars that are embellished with an assortment of offbeat ornamentation. Needless to say, the capital has is all... so why not experience something truly unique. Here's a list of our favourite boutique bars in London. 

Ladybird Bar

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With birdcage trinkets dangling from the ceilings and lego heads cocktails shared around by groups of mates on a big night out, Ladybird is a charming boutique bar that you'll find on Islington's Upper Street. Come for the superb selection of cocktails and stay for the dancing, DJs play an eclectic setlist of party tracks in the basement club.

Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes

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With this venue, the JaguarShoes Collective set out to combine "lifestyle and creativity within an unfussy, architecturally-honest social environment" - of course, the plan was executed with flying colours. Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes is an quirky-yet-unpretentious East London venue that makes for a perfect spot to grab some cocktails. This kitsch bar boasts a plethora of haphazard paraphernalia for punters to revel over; importantly, a good balance has been struck here - this unconventional decoration add characters without being too in-your-face.


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Opium is a 19th century styled Chinese drinking den that you really need to experience... but first, you have to find it. This secret London cocktail bar is well-hidden in one of the unknown nooks of Chinatown - once you find it, you'll never want to leave. Step in to discover three super-chic floors that blend enamouring oriental flair with a contemporary London twist. On top of that, Opium boasts phenomenal firecracker cocktails and delicious dim sum dishes -  it'll be hard for you to keep this one a secret! One of the most charming boutique bars in London. 

Callooh Callay

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Flick through the pages of Callooh Callay's unique comic-book-esque cocktail menu and choose one of the punchy concoctions that this cosy London cocktail bar offers up. With a few drinks in you, begin a little adventure (go on, have a nose around that wardrobe) and you might just discover the secret Jub Jub party room! Although super-consistent in offering a charming vibe, friendly bar staff, and some of the funnest cocktail to be found in the capital, a trip to Callooh Callay actually promises to be a unique night out in London. 

Drink Shop & Do

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Bottomless Brunch

This old Victorian Turkish Bathhouse has been transformed into one of our favourite hipster bars in London. Kitted out with an elegant vintage style and serving up a multitude of goodies for you to wrap you chops around - from crumpets to killer cocktails - this alternative drinking spot in London always attracts a bustling crowd. Oh, and don't tell anybody, but Drink Shop & Do are hiding a dirty little secret downstairs. Venture down to find one of the best hidden gems in London - a secret bar housed in an old porn shop! Pop down and neck back a few naughty ones. 

Intimate and relaxed but packing quite the punch (literally) when it comes to mixology, The Punch Room is a hidden London bar in the Edition Hotel and uncovering it is like stepping into a capsule of classic style and vintage cool. The cocktails here come of the punch bowl variety and the reservations only policy makes for one secretive drinking place. 

The Luggage Room

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A mysterious liquor laced den among the cocktail conoisseurs of London, The Luggage Room operates on a need-to-know basis, and we've decided that you absolutely must know. Knock on the black door, wait for it to open and follow a path into one the coolest places to drink in London that's both intimate, exquisite and a capsule of 1920s elegance. 

Simmon's Camden is a boutique bar in London that boasts endless kitsch flair. Adorned with an assortment of ornamentation, from tea pots to nintendos, this charismatic watering hole is one of the most unusual places to drink in London - but a bloody fantastic one. More than just it's decor, the mixologists behind the bar here can rustle up some of the tastiest original cocktails in the capital. Even better, you can pick up two of these punchy concoctions for just a tenner during the lengthy happy hour (4-9pm, Sunday-Friday)!


Looking Glass Cocktail Club is one of the most stylish speakeasy bars in London. Donning moody subtle lighting, Louis XVI inspired furniture, brocade fabrics and other lovingly-sourced vintage pieces, this is one of the quirkiest indie bars in the capital. Step through the opulent 'looking glass' to enter a 'secret room' - a parallel world of decedent debauchery and tantalising entertainment. Once inside this boutique bar in London, enjoy some of best handcrafted cocktails that the capital has to offer. 

Ruby's Bar and Lounge

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Hidden amongst the effervescent hustle and bustle of Dalston's banging strip is Ruby's - a quirky cocktail bar that's accessed via some rickety stairs beneath an ever-changing old-school cinema sign. Step inside and you'll feel like you've accidentally stubbled into someone's front room in the 1920's. Sporting tastefully mismatched wooden furniture, peeling wallpaper, and classic cardboard coasters, this unique cocktail bar is one of our favourite 'unknown places to drink in London'.


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Nestled away in Covent Garden is one of London's cutest cocktail bars, Mabel's. This quaint little cocktail cafe is decorated throughout with an array of kitsch knick-knack - from the spindles on the staircase to the smartly-framed paintings that cover the walls, everything here comes together to create a real charming vibe. This cosy little spot is perfect for those looking for a catchup with mum over lunch, afterwork cocktails with the girls, or an intimate setting to spend the evening snuggled up with a loved one. 

The Last Tuesday Society

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Head down to Hackney and you'll find one of the quirkiest places to drink in London. The Last Tuesday Society boasts an eccentric collection of accessories inside. Pop in to experience the nigh-on indescribable - shrunken dolls heads, creepy cat skeleton and taxidermy tigers - it's like the brainchild of a boozy session between Wes Anderson and Tim Burton. Undoubtedly one of our favourite bohemian bars in London. 

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The Distillery is Bankside's destination bar, welcoming London Hilton guests and young professionals together for an exquisite mix of bar snacks and signature cocktails. A venue known for its leather Chesterfields and bespoke finishes, get comfortable and explore a signature cocktail list which uses homemade aromatics, infusions and bitters.