Mickey's Delight chocolate alcohol

Those of you with a sweet tooth will look forward to this one - Babco, crafters of distinctive adult drinks brands launches the Mickey's DeLight Alcoholic Confectionary range, a unique product designed to tantalise the taste buds and offer a seductive drinking experience.  

This creamy mix of rich chocolate, alcohol and whipped cream is lovingly blended to produce four totally irresistible flavours as indulgent as your favourite chocolate bar, this time in liquid form. Fancy sipping on a smooth glass of Chocolate, Fruit & Nut? Those with a sweet tooth can savour a glass of Chocolate, Honeycrisp & Caramel. You coffee fiends can indulge in the Tiramisu, French Vanilla Coffee & Cream, whilst the fruitier drinkers can enjoy the Chocolate, Raspberry Ripple & Vanilla variety. 

With a low alcohol content (finished to 15% ABV) and a light and creamy texture, Mickey's DeLight is set to take the cocktail world by storm: the sale of cream liqueurs are already outperforming total spirits by 8%, benefitting from the overall growth in cocktails. Are these new drinks going to replace vodka, gin and rum on the cocktail barman's kit list? We're not so sure they will, but hey, they will make a nice change.

Mickey’s DeLight Alcoholic Confectionery range is set for a UK launch in early 2014 with a RRP of £10 for a 500ml bottle.