2012 was a big year for London; no no, we're not talking about the Queen's Jubilee or the Olympic Games, we're of course talking about the amazing year for London's bars, clubs and all things nightlife. We saw a number of crazes hit our lovable capital, from ping pong to Peruvian delights, Mexican bars to speakeasies, and who could forget the surge of gourmet burgers?! With that in mind, we're pretty stoked for what 2013 has in store. 

We've set out our predictions as to what's going to be big this year. Remember, you heard it here first!


Beer Cocktails

Ok, I know this seems like an odd one to start on, but yes, you read that right; we predict Beer Based Cocktails will be big in 2013. With Craft Beer hangouts already doing well in 2012, it was only a matter of time before beer lovers were looking for their next fix, and here it is!

UnderDog Beer Infused Cocktails

There are a few bars already pioneering this movement, like Oscars Bar at Dabbous in Noho, serving up a delicious range of beer infused cocktails like the 'Giddy Up'; a raucous mix of Tapatio Blanco Tequila, elderflower cordial, bramley and gage slider, lemon juice and camomile-infused acacia honey, and yep, you guessed it; topped up with Sierra Nevada IPA! Oscar's aren't the only ones experimenting with Beer Cocktails though, you'll also find a great selection of of beer infused cocktails at UnderDog, BrewDog Shoreditch's seriously cool secret speakeasy basement bar. 

Thought you couldn't enjoy the simplistic joys of a beer and still be super suave? How wrong were you.


Genuine Speakeasies

I know what you're thinking, why add 'genuine' into the title, like 'Speakeasies' wasn't enough? Well we don't want to be 'those guys'  but 2012 has seen a lot of so-called speakeasies pop up here there and everywhere, and sometimes there's not an awful lot speakeasy about them at all. We think that's all about to change in 2013 though. We don't want to reveal too much (how annoying, right?) but there's a few on the cards we think you'll be quite excited about. Make sure you check out our New Bar Spy to keep up to date.

Ruby's Speakeasy London

The key to a real speakeasy is that they remain in the knowledge of the in-the-know only, and luckily for you guys, we're willing to share our secrets - so as long as you keep it hush...We've got a deal? Yes? Grand.


Rooftop Bars

It's probably hard to imagine now, whilst you're sitting there with your central heating pulsing out to the max, but Rooftop Bars have gone from strength to strength in the past year, and we reckon they'll be a choice option for 2013. We've already reported on a few opening in the not to distant future like the Radio Rooftop Bar at Me London, as well as Aqua at the infamous Shard building, and we're expecting a hell'a lot more.

Radio Rooftop Bar

There's nothing like kicking back with a chilled drink and soaking up our beautiful city, and we're so glad that the bars are finally catching on to that for 2013. Bully for you, bars.


It's time to get Alfresco

Hey keep it clean guys! We're not talking about an all out hoe down in Hyde Park, we're talking about NYC style outdoor parties, clubbing and drinking outside! Luckily for you, London is already well equipped with such places of alfresco debauchery, and 2013 is their year.

Brixton Club House

From the Brixton Clubhouse to Cargo, or even Shoreditch's Golden Bee it looks like London already has it covered, and we're hoping they make good use out of their outdoor space for one of this year's hottest trends! If outdoor fun times are on the cards for 2013, don't be surprised to see a few more fitting bars and clubs pop up.


New Openings

Our above suggestions aren't just clumsy guesswork, we scour the web and all means of media to keep up to date with the latest and future openings in our fair city. For instance we have a few eagerly anticipated openings already to look forward to: Check out our sneak preview of Ceviche Shoreditch; a new Peruvian pleasure opening in East London, or the impressive Aqua at the Shard, or maybe the super secretive Looking Glass Cocktail Club? We aim to stay on top of all the latest news, so you can too! To always be in the know, make sure to check back on our New Bar Spy, who reports on the latest and coolest happenings in town.


SO, there you have it; there's your 2013. You're very welcome.