The Four Nations - Tasting Session

By Luke Sillett.

Ever wondered if the craft beer revolution has passed you by? Not sure you know your porter from your pale ale? Your lager from your lambic? The Beer Boutique is here to help! Championing fine beer from independent, small batch brewers from around the world, the SW London shop are putting on a mouth-watering beer tasting session for all those wondering what beery delights they've been missing out on. 
The Four Nations Tasting Session brings 7 or 8 selected beers from four of the worlds most renowned brewing nations with the aim to show people that beer can be so much more than the fizzy, tasteless lager that dominates our pubs. Along the way, they'll show how beer and food can be matched in creative ways and teach you as much about "liquid bread" as they can. 

Taste some of the finest beers in the world at The Four Nations Tasting Session

Join them on 11th April 2013 at The Duke's Head in Putney where they'll match 7 or 8 delicious and unique craft brews with tasty canapés, educate everyone who attends about what they are drinking and tell unique the story behind each beer and the people who brewed it. The session will last for around two hours and you will come away with a new perspective about what a pint of beer can taste like and quite possibly a new found love for all things craft beer!