Tequila Tequilaa! With said-fest on London's burning horizon, we thought this was a grand ol' chance to explore the realm of Mexico's finest Mezcal and Tequila treats; slammin', straight or uniquely mixed - we've got it all. If you're a sucker for an agave spirit straight from the those Hispanic dusty plains and your blood runs thick with the ancient stuff, then you're in for a lip-smacking treat with these cheeky Mexican mixes we've hand picked especially for you. Arrribaa!

El Camion Mexicano

One Tequila, two Tequila, three tequila, floor!

El Camion

The Chicken Breast Tequila Shot

Salt? Lick. Shot? Down in one. Lime? Suck. AHHHH. Everyone loves a good slam of Tequila or Mezcal; right at the bar, no messin'. El Camion dusts the cobwebs off some buried agave treasures and stocks some true rarities when it comes to the land of that golden liquid, so why not treat yourself to a shot of 49% Del Maguey Pechuga de Minero. This is one legendary Mezcal famous for its somewhat quirky, (somewhat gross) distillation process which involves a raw chicken breast in a basket of fruit suspended inside the still. "Mmm, yes it has hints of golden, rich aromas, a sharp twang and ... what is that? Ahh, yes of course, fruity chicken!" Who cares, see it away and order a second (at £18 a pop ... ooft). 

Callooh Callay

The Guacamole and Tequila Shot

Hailing all things chic and kooky, this Shoreditch drinking den has coined the creation of Guac' To The Future. Ingredients are as follows; El Jimador Tequila mixed with guacamole. Done. Satisfying a Mexican morsel as well as a Tequila trickle this ingenious cocktail gives that green Mexican holiness a new kick beyond the traditional chili flake. Expect something cool, refreshing and filling? Perhaps flourish with Doritos for complete nourishment and a truly authentic Mehican bevvy. 

London Cocktail Club, Oxford Circus 

The Heisenberg

Living in a gangsters Tequila paradise, you'll find a London Cocktail Club concoction bringing the chemistry of TV's most iconic cooks to real life fruition. Fancy yourself bald, bearded and donning that black bowler hat? Enter the Heisenberg. Bright blue and breaking some serious bad with a side of the crystal served on top (come on now, you know it's only salt), this is a strict mix of Ocho Blanco Tequila, blue falernum, lime and agave. 97% pure ... or something nowhere near, but still damn good. In the words of Jesse Pinkman, "Yeah bitch!".

Tequila Fest comes to London on 22nd-23rd November.