Team DesignMyNight - where we're drinking this week...

By Luke Sillett.

Here at DesignMyNight we stay on the ball by scouring London for the best bars, clubs, pubs and events so you don't have to. Naturally, this involves testing out the good, the bad and the quirky (it's a hard life...)

Stay up to date on the team's whereabouts right here! Take a look at what we have planned for this week:

Monday 15th October

Everyone is looking a little tired today, so we're going to ease into the week gently with a tasty pint at The Adam and Eve. As far as locals go, it's pretty cool; there's a really relaxed vibe and not a tourist in sight. 

You wouldn't think this quaint pub is just off busy Oxford Street. (BUT IT IS)

Tuesday 16th October

On Tuesday evening, our CTO and go-to-IT-guy Will is off to El Camion Soho for some cold beers, Mexican inspired fun times and a look at the 'Pink Chihuahua' room (...+ a lot of tequilla). 

We reckon El Camion is one of London's cooler basement bars (and there's a few!)

Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday evening will see the opening and launch party of Reverend JW Simpsons and we've been invited down to try out the vibe and luscious list of cocktails. Eurgh, drag...

Stay tuned for the full review!

Check out what info our New Bar Spy dug up on Reverend JW Simpson here

Thursday 18th October

Hot Chip are playing in Brixton. Hot Chip are playing in Brixton. Hot Chip are playing in Brixton...and Lewis is going to see them. Luuuuccckkky.

...Whilst Lewis is bopping away in the crowd, the rest of us are off to check out the Rattlesnake of Angel for the evening; so it's not all bad.

Live music AND tequilla. Heaven.

Friday 19th October

The start of the weekend will see resident party girl Georgiana flex her disco muscles at Dogstar in Brixton. This haunt is a South London favourite, so we're looking forward to hearing Georgiana's verdict!

Dogstar hosts various club nights and gigs throughout the year

Saturday 20th October

With the weekend in full swing, and providing she's not too tired from Dogstar the night before, Georgiana is fronting again - she's only off to KoKo to see Mr Scruff on Saturday! Fun huh?!

If Mr Scruff at KoKo isn't really your thing, you should check out the other cool clubs in Camden.


On Sunday I'm off to the Blues Kitchen in Camden to get all jazzy at the weekly Sunday Blues Jam - you can get involved on stage or just soak up the atmosphere. With my distinct lack of musical talent I know what I'll be doing...

Check out the other jazz bars in the city!

...and that's pretty much how we see our week pan out. Set up a free account with us and let us know what you think of our featured venues by leaving a review.