Discover The Secret Bars Taking Part In London Cocktail Week 2022

Published . By Georgia Evans.

This October, London Cocktail Week is back and bigger than ever. With a plethora of signature serves and discounted cocktails on offer at some of London’s best bars, we figured we’d show you some of the best hidden haunts for illicit sipping. From party havens behind unassuming front doors to slinky cocktail joints tucked away down a staircase, these are the very best secret bars taking part in London Cocktail Week 2022

The Bar: Nightjar

Where It’s Hidden: Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Old Street in East London, this slinky subterranean drinking den is identifiable by its Nightjar symbol on the door.
What You’ll Find: This is speakeasy-style sipping at its finest. Think 1920s-inspired candlelit tables and tin cup cocktails, where jazz music will soundtrack your London Cocktail Week experience. When it comes to drinks, expect unusual takes on classic mixes with vintage spirits.

Nightjar and Scaredy Cat | LCW Secret Bars | DesignMyNight

Lap up discounted cocktails at Nightjar this London Cocktail Week.

The Bar: The Little Yellow Door

Where It’s Hidden: Blink and you may just miss Little Yellow Door, located behind an unassuming (you guessed it), bright yellow door on All Saints Road in Notting Hill.
What You’ll Find: Where to begin? Not only are the team behind it a top-notch collective of mixologists, chefs and party starters, but they also host some of the best boozy brunches in London. Expect hedonistic vibes aplenty at this top-secret party haven.

The Bar: The Natural Philosopher

Where It’s Hidden: Where you’d least expect to find it… behind a working Macbook repair shop in Bethnal Green, on oh-so vibrant Hackney Road.
What You’ll Find: A treasure trove of natural elixirs designed to cure all types of ailments. Against a backdrop of indoor foliage and vintage furnishings, the bar makes use of natural flavours, organic ingredients and foraged finds creating drinks that almost feel healthy.

Little Yellow Door and Natural Philosopher | LCW Secret Bars | DesignMyNight

These secret bars are offering some seriously good signature serves.

The Bar: Opium

Where It’s Hidden: Concealed from the throngs of tourists that make up Chinatown and Central London, Opium is an elusive retreat found down a hidden staircase.
What You’ll Find: This 1920s Shanghai-inspired cocktail bar and Dim Sum parlour is split across two floors, with multiple themed bars serving an array of swoon-worthy mixes. Why not go the whole hog and pair your signature serve with some mouthwatering dim sum?

Opium 46 & Mercy And Behind This Wall | LCW Secret Bars | DesignMyNight

From quirky concoctions to art-lined haunts, these are some of London's best hidden gems. 

The Bar: Black Parrot

Where It’s Hidden: Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the City, this pirate paradise can be found down a secret alley off Fleet Street.
What You’ll Find: Every buccaneer's dream, Black Parrot is a quirky bar dedicated to sipping rum-based cocktails in colourful surroundings. Home to one of London’s largest rum collections, their citrusy signature serve ‘Walk The Plank’ perfectly befits the bar’s tropical theme.

The Bar: Discount Suit Company

Where It’s Hidden: A short walk from Liverpool Street Station, this bar can be found on a street corner with the shutters pulled down and a staircase leading down to a mysterious curtain.
What You’ll Find: Head to this secret hideaway and you’ll discover plenty of well-priced cocktails that can be created around your preferred palate. Taking inspiration from neighbourhood joints in NYC, the bar has an eclectic crowd that usually end up dancing on the tables together. 

Discount Suit and Black Parrot | LCW Secret Bars | DesignMyNight

If you're looking for something more moody? Head to one of London Cocktail Week's secret subterranean bars.

The Bar: Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Where It’s Hidden: You can find this secret London Cocktail Week bar just off the main Shoreditch drag of Hackney Road, with an unusual entrance through a mirror.
What You’ll Find: An Alice In Wonderland themed romantic retreat made up of vintage furnishing, baroque touches and magical concoctions. Make sure to try out their Atardecer signature serve which comes in a delicate goblet with an edible flower, which perfectly suits the bar’s fairy tale setting.

The Bar: Murder Inc

Where It’s Hidden: This top secret bar is hidden off the beaten track, around the corner from the buzz of Tottenham Court Road.
What You’ll Find: A grotto of quirky paraphernalia like a cardboard Trump, boxing gloves and neon signs. Immerse yourself in the bar’s tongue-in-cheek vibe by trying some of their unique mixes that pay homage to old school gangsters and will constantly change throughout London Cocktail Week.

The Bar: The Gibson

Where It’s Hidden: This stunning speakeasy is located a short walk away from Old Street tube station, identifiable by its signature dark green and black exterior. 
What You’ll Find: It's a London Cocktail Week bar to get excited about for notoriety alone. Not only is the venue itself a futuristic Edwardian fantasy, but the world-famous cocktails are guaranteed to really knock your socks off with their innovative flavours and unique presentation.  

Murder Inc, Looking Glass, Gibson | LCW Secret Bars | DesignMyNight

There are plenty of quirky places to check out this London Cocktail Week. 

Passes to London Cocktail Week 2022 start at £15 (or £12.50 for a bundle) and can be found right here.