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We were told in our youth that our schooldays were the best of our lives. Now, in adulthood, it is more than likely that one would choose to question these words of apparent wisdom. True, we had no concept of financial responsibility, twelve hour work days or a mortgage, but we were also ignorant to some of the finer aspects of life - expertly crafted cocktails, fine dining and a great night out brought to you by DesignMyNight. 

Cult Events have returned to bring us a healthy scoop of nostalgia, pressing rewind to evoke some of the more memorable elements of our schooldays with an obligatory prescription of mischief. School Dinners is a one night pop up event, paying homage to the culinary delights of the school cafeteria - rather than lumpy custard and cold chips, prepare yourselves for a five course gourmet meal, inspired by the timeless structure of the school day.

The day will begin with registration, at which point students will be serenaded by the school choir and served bespoke cocktails, just in case the whole nostalgia thing gets a bit too much. Pupils will then be escorted to the dining room to be served their five course banquet by a troupe of gingham-clad dinner ladies. 

Giggling in class won't be a punishable offence this time round - School Dinners have enlisted four of the sharpest kids on the block to keep you entertained throughout the evening. Bad Science author, Ben Goldacre is on board to get you thinking about some of the scientific fabrications and fallacies perpetuated across the media. Goldacre will be joined by Mark Grist, Charlie Dark and ESKA, with more to be announced soon. 

Troublemakers will be pleased to hear that a bike shed will also be provided, should you feel the need to indulge in a sneaky cigarette. 

School Dinners is latest event from Cult Events, and will take place between 6:30pm - 10:30pm on 26th October 2013 at Central Foundation Boys' School, Shoreditch. Tickets must be purchased in advance.