Pickled eggs and a good laugh - we tried out Pickle Boy Comedy

Last updated . By Debbie Richardson.

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Loosen up with eggs and laughs at Pickle Boy Comedy. 

Beer, pickled anything and a good joke are all high on the list of life’s simple but great pleasures, so the clever eggs behind Pickle Boy Comedy have put together a monthly stand-up night promising all three.

With the likes of Nick Helm and Tony Law already on their roster, Pickle Boy boasts a varied line-up of celebrated British and international acts. I checked out the 2017 kick-off event which saw the singing, swearing Australian Bec Hill, LA based Omid Singh (as deadpan as he is brilliant) and star of Live at the Apollo and Mock The Week Ivo Graham take to the stage.

It’s not just the line-up that’s impressive but the location too. The comedy night is currently riding out a residency at Howling Hops Brewery which being the UK’s first ever dedicated tank bar, is worth the trip alone. For those who don’t know what a tank bar is, in short it means the beer is extra fresh and looks extra cool, this is Hackney Wick after all. Brimming with authentic, shabby-chic character and a social seating arrangement, the informal setting encourages guests to loosen up and get involved.

Now, let’s talk about the pickled eggs. Love em’ or hate them, you can’t deny that watching men devour them in a world record attempt is enthralling entertainment. We cheered on the man duped ‘East London’s fastest pickle egg eater’ as he attempted 3 eggs in 34.5 seconds. Although a new record wasn’t set, the competitor did let us know he had in fact managed to beat the time at home... the night before. It may not be good enough to make the book, but it's good enough for me.

For a mere £8, Pickle Boy Comedy treats you to a night of easy-going fun and engaging entertainment which has won my vote for London’s most egg-citing comedy night. Buy your tickets here.