An invitation for the curious and adventurous, MasterCard: Priceless® Cities was created with one simple mission in mind: to bring about amazing and extraordinary experiences for MasterCard customers, all around the world.

...and as expected; their London offering certainly doesn't disappoint.

MasterCard: Priceless Cities

MasterCard Priceless Cities is accessible from over 70 countries.

An exclusive opportunity for all MasterCard customers, the curated list of activities and destinations have been carefully picked to wow, amaze and excite, and are available all across London over the next six months. 

From unique high-end foodie masterclasses to deals in the city's most renowned restaurants, there's something for everyone with the campaign's London series.

MasterCard Priceless Cities

Treat yourself something silly this summer.

Your new VIP lifestyle starts right here, London.

For more information, registration and booking/tickets, head over to the MasterCard: Priceless Cities homepage.