Blue Moon | Gin Based Cocktail

I am a big fan of Gin (as you may have seen from previous blogs) and bizzarely I also love the small violet sweets we used to get as kids so how about combining two of these loves to create a visually stunning and beautiful cocktail? Yes? Ok so I am going to show you the Blue Moon; treat yourselves to the ingredients and wow guests at a dinner party or try and track down a top London bar and see if they serve it...if not...impress them with your knowledge of the cocktail world! 

Blue Moon

40ml Gin

20ml Lemon Juice

20ml Creme de Violette

Lemon Rind

Into a shaker pour 40ml of the Gin (the better the gin the better, I am a big fan of Hayman's London Dry Gin or Tanqueray ten) followed by the lemon juice and topped off with the Creme de Violette. Shake together and pour into a Martini glass for a simply stunning looking and tasting cocktail. 

Creme de Violette was an old classic that went missing but is now back in the market place. I personally use The Bitter Truth Creme de Violette. I find it has a delicate violet aroma and an elegant layering of flavours. Supposedly it is made from handpicked wild violet blossoms...impressive!