Keeping Cool in the Capital

When the weather gets hot, the hot get in the tub!

HOLY MOLY... it's hot!! Us Londoners have been complaining about short summers, and now that we are being blasted by the summer sun, we're not sure what to do with ourselves. Tube journeys are hell, offices' air-conditioning are too weak and there just seems to be no escaping the relentless heat. If the sun is melting you in the day, don't let it ruin your night. Here is out top 5 places for keeping cool in the capital, while still enjoying some the best of the London nightlife scene.

1) Nomad Cinema 

Enjoy classic and cult movies at this unique roaming cinema. Nomad Cinema shows you the best of film, in some of London's most beautiful surroundings. Shows include (and not limited to) The Lost Boys at Carom Secret Garden, Four Weddings And A Funeral at Fulham Palace and Stand By Me at Queen's Park. For more information and tickets to Nomad Cinema click here. 

2) Hot Tub Cinema

The Hot Tub Cinema delivers classic movies in the very relaxing comfort of your own hot tub. There is a fully licensed bar, BBQ food, dancing and a great time to be had. Sit, soak and enjoy such classics as: Lock Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsWithnail and I and The Full Monty. A must visit this summer.

3) Ice Bar

This one goes without saying. Your very own ice-house... that is run by Absolut Vodka. Everything in this chill-palace is made from ice - the 'glasses', the bar and even a few tables. Take a step into this ice-haven and chill your boots this summer. 

4) Queen of Hoxton Rooftop

The walk up the stairs isn't much to write home about, but when you get to the top, it's suddenly all worth it. Complete with it's own bar, BBQ and cinema night; The Queen of Hoxton Rooftop really is one of the best places to be, in your hot East London summer.

5) Worship Street Whistling Shop

This seems like a weird one, but take some time to think about it. Everyone else is in beer gardens and on rooftops, but cellars were made to be cool... and they have air-con. Basement bars, in general, follow this seemingly odd choice for keeping cool so check one out, Worship Street Whistling Stop in particular. You may not get the sun, but you'll be cool and be drinking some serious cocktails.