It's cocktails over pints for the Londoner

Last updated . By Dylan Franks.

Put the pint down, it's cocktail O'clock!

designmynight did a recent survey of 1000 of its users: despite the economic hard times, cocktails are now the drink of choice for Londoners and the antidote to all the doom and gloom. 

With the economic belt-tightening being thrown our way; increased VAT, double digit recession and shrinking economies, you would think it time to lock up your wallet, tie down the pennies and save for your life! 

Cocktails at Paramount Bar

However the survey showed a new trend for the cocktail and cocktail bar in London:

69% say that a cocktail is their first drink of choice

63% prefer to go to an €œexperience€ cocktail bar mid-week than their local pub

74% see an expensive alcoholic drink as an affordable treat and something they look forward to

Top 3 cocktails: Mojito, Margarita, Caipirinha 

Source: 1€™000 designmynight users, 50% male, female, aged 22-30

In these times of hardship, Londoners are finding cocktails and cocktail bars a treat to cheer them up, that they can afford. After all, we all need a way of putting a smile on our face, and the artistic and delectable nature of cocktails seems to be the antidote.  This new wave is even evident in many London pubs, that have recently added cocktails to their menus; Grand Union Pub group now even brand their venues as €œthe comfort of a local pub, the elegance of a cocktail bar€

Rebekkah Dooley, Marketing Manager of hugely popular cocktail bar Callooh Callay in Shoreditch said,  "The drinking culture in London is fast maturing, sure we all like a sneeky pint after work but with all the doom and gloom in the city right now it's important to take pleasure in the smaller things in life - like the first drink, signaling the end of a days worth of office oppression - it's the £8 cocktail with an elaborate garnish that makes you feel like a princess as you close your eyes for your first sip, and the beautiful bar that greets when you when you re-open them. It's all about escapism, relief, and fun."

Search here for your perfect cocktail bar or local boozer for your next night out... you favour the luscious cocktail in a cool cocktail bar or are you happy down your local boozer with a pint of the good stuff?