Exclusive DJ Norman Jay "Twinterview"

Last updated . By Matthew Yorke.

I was lucky enough to have a "twinterview" with world famous DJ, Norman Jay MBE: 20 short questions, 20 short answers.

Norman Jay has been a musical pioneer for 40 years now: In the late 70s he teamed up with his brother Joey to set up the now legendary Good Times Sound System with the sole goal of playing soul, funk and disco at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival; a first for the west London street party. Norman's underground following boomed, seeing him play to thousands in secret warehouse parties. In the 80s, Norman created the 'rare groove' scene - bringing funk and disco to house music. This phenomenon swept across the country and even became a smash on the American shores. In the 90s, Norman was a household name as one of the biggest DJs around and was responsible for reviving the careers of some of the original US divas; Jocelyn Brown, Chaka Khan and En Vogue to name a few. Now, Norman's mash up of disco, funk, hip-hop and soul are world-renowned; Good Times is a musical institution and the Good Times Party Bus remains a highlight of the Notting Hill Carnival and he is the must-have DJ at all the big London and celebrity parties. In 2002, Norman became Norman Jay MBE for "deejaying and services to music". He is quite simply the biggest, best and most influential DJ to come out of the UK, so I was honoured to get an insight into the mind of this DJ legend: 

Norman Jay MBE - Good Times Party Bus - Notting Hill Carnival

1) Favourite Notting Hill Good Times set and why?

This is no cop out but I've enjoyed far too many sets at Notting Hill to remember a single one. They were all great!

2) Your most memorable set and why?

This year James Brown died so we celebrated his music properly at Good Times and gave it the respect it deserved. We did like-wise with Michael Jackson, Barry White and Luther Vandross

3) What is your favourite area of London in the day and night?

I've got a soft spot for the beautiful open spaces of Richmond park by day and enjoy watching Shoreditch get wan*ered by night. 

4) Where in London to you go to get away from everything?

The inner sanctums of my partner's flat in South London! I'm also quite partial to visiting Tate Modern or riding one of my many Raleigh Chopper push bikes along the Grand Union canal to Camden Lock on a sunny day.

5) Who are your most influential DJs/acts?

Gilles Peterson, Rudy Ranks, DJ Russell Jay and DJ Melvo (Loud Minority)

6) Favourite London pub?

The Sun & Doves, Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, SE5 9NS

7) Favourite London club / DJ bar?

SupperClub, Notting Hill (Click Here)

8) Favourite place to have a cheap night out in London?

Anywhere BUT the West End...

9) Favourite DJ?

Rudy Ranks (Good Times)

10) Favourite hangover cure?

Never drank as I'm a life-long teetotaler.

11) Boris or Ken?

Ken. Boris is a complete tarquin-to*ser.

12) Dark & Stormy or Bright & Sunny?

Stormy every time - had such a laugh in the sudden downpour on the Sunday at Carnival this year.

13) Boris bike or Oyster card?

Neither. Both are corporate sponsored rip-offs.

14) QPR or Spurs

I'm Spurs through and through! The 'R's are my second team - so there!

15) With all the big clubs closing, what is the future of London clubbing?

The future will always be bright for London nightlife and club culture as it's the most exciting, vibrant and creative in the world. Bar none! 

16) Your favourite tune to get the crowd on their feet?

'Everybody Dance' by Chic

17) Your proudest moment?

Being born I guess...

18) If you didn't end up being a DJ what would you have been?

I'd be ruling the world: I'd be able to see around corners and able to etirw sdrawkcab...ha!

19) Twitter or Facebook?

This old fart has finally got round to sussing out both - twitter/normanjaymbe - go on follow me!

20) Where is your favourite view of London from?

One of my fav views of London is from above: From an aeroplane on a cloudless day when returning home from a grueling long-haul flight - bliss!

To find out more about Norman Jay MBE and Good Times, visit the official site. Click here