#SingleGuy - Date 2

Electric Social

40, Acre Lane, Brixton, London, SW2 5SP

Why it's great for a date:

If you're looking for a trendy date in South London, you can't go too far wrong with Electric Social. It has a huge bar area, with split level seating, large tables and even intimate sofa spaces. It also has the added bonus of a great 'club' space upstairs. It really caters for all types of date from a bottle of wine and a get to know you conversation, to jagerbombs and the chance to throw some shapes! At weekends the bar really comes alive in the evening.


How the date went:

We arrived early at about 7pm on a rainy Saturday, settled into one of the tables in the sunken area, booked through DesignMyNight, and opened our first bottle of wine; this is a girl I'd met 3 or 4 times before so conversation flowed along with another bottle of wine. By 9:30pm the bar had filled with a mixed crowd of groups of males and females on nights out and a few other couples just grabbing a few drinks. We carried on drinking very reasonably priced spirit/mixers in the bar area until about 11pm, when we headed upstairs to dance the night away.


Date Summary:


Electric Social is kitted out like an old Stately Home, with large painted portraits of obese royalty on the walls, and a sunken library-esque area in the middle of the bar: it's a great place to lose yourselves for an evening. The drinks list is uncomplicated and reasonably priced, but unlikely to impress the fussier of partners! At weekends the bar attracts a great crowd, you won't find intimidating groups of 'LADS' or screaming hen parties; just young professionals out for a good time.


"A great choice for a date if you fancy a quiet drink or a good dance. You'll want to save some money for a taxi home though, hanging around in Brixton isn't the best way to end your date!"