Here at DesignMyNight we stay on the ball by scouring London for the best bars, clubs, pubs and events so you don't have to. Naturally, this involves testing out the good, the bad and the quirky (it's a hard life...)

Stay up to date on the team's whereabouts right here! Take a look at what we have planned for this week:

Monday 22nd October

Ah Monday; it€™s the start of the week, we€™re all too tired to go out and socialise, right? Try telling that to Mr and Mrs Boss-Man-Andrew; they€™re off to sample the delights of The Hollywood Arms in Chelsea.  It€™s a quirky gastro pub right by South-Ken station and the food is ruddy lovely (we€™re hoping for some sort of doggy bag).

He's a charmer is our Andrew; looks lovely, doesn't it?

Tuesday 23rd October

I€™m getting all fancy and going for drinks and fun at Archer Street Cocktail Lounge on Tuesday evening with a few pals. It will be my first time there but I€™ve heard good things about the cocktails so I€™ll be sure to be careful.

€¦or failing that try everything.

We've put together a list of cocktail hot-spots in the city right here (because we're ace like that).

Wednesday 24th October

This hump day will see our resident hipster Georgiana attend the Paint the Queen €˜Dance to the Beat€™ Exhibition at the Queen of Hoxton. 12 artists will adorn the walls with mixed media and their takes on the theme of the night. Cool venue and a cool night. Cool.

Thursday 25th October

There€™s been a lot of buzz surrounding Bounce since opening this month and it€™s not hard to see why. We€™ve been before but loved it so much we€™re off again. Hooray, Ping-Pong and lovely food for everyone! Long live Bounce.

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Friday 26th October

It€™s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday-hey (I am SO sorry*). Georgiana€™s off out again, this time to Bonkers at the Lockside Lounge Bar in Camden for a night of garage-based fun. I€™ll be hinting for an invite throughout the week.

If you happen to find yourself in rockers paradise Camden, look out for all these cool pubs.

(*I€™m not that sorry)

Saturday 27th October

It€™s a busy week for co-founder Andrew; he€™s all set to blow off some steam at the classy Kensington Roof Gardens club on Saturday night. The dress code is €˜no effort, no entrance€™ €“ we€™re hoping he€™ll apply creative interpretation to that, mainly for lolz and such.


The Roof Gardens host varied events throughout the year, check out their spooky Halloween Ball

Sunday 28th October

To end the week some of the team will be flexing their mind muscles at the weekly quiz at The Kings Arms in Oxford Circus. We€™re all like, super clever and stuff, so it€™s totes in the bag. Ahem.

Budding Einsteins should take a gander at the various weekly pub quizzes across the capital...

...and that's pretty much how we see our week pan out. Set up a free account with us and let us know what you think of our featured venues by leaving a review.