Vegan Nights by CookDaily at Boiler House in Brick Lane

People, start your Instagram... and may the best vegan WIN!

I think the old joke, ‘how do you know if someone’s vegan? Because they’ll tell you’ needs a bit of work now. How do you know someone’s vegan? Because all of East London visited Vegan Nights at the Truman Brewery – and they’ll be visiting again when it returns to Boiler House on 23rd November.

Run by the super-popular vegan café and Instagram celebrities CookDaily - who are currently parked up in Boxpark - the queue stretched all the way down the street last time, so get there early. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on their range of delicious vegan beer and mouth-watering vegan food that’s made London go a bit coo-coo. You can also catch other meat-free faves like Temple of Seitan, Young Vegans, Jakes Vegan Steaks and so many more. Well, I’ll be making sure I'm at the front of the queue anyway, even if I have to invest in a biodegradable tent.

Vegan Nights is coming to Boiler House in Brick Lane on 23rd November