This is for all you pumpkings and queens out there. For those of you that know how to get veritably crafty with your vegetables. For those of you that know how to wield sharp object and make art and not mischief. For those of you that see a pumpkin as a canvas, and not a flavour for Starbucks' autumnal drinks range. Pumpkin carving in London this Halloween 2016? We've got you covered.

Sparkling Pumpkin Carving at Drink Shop Do

Various Dates: £12 Per Ticket

Drink Shop Do spend most of their year encouraging you to create Lionel Richie's face on a biscuit and build robots out of lego come sundown, but they're strictly spooky once Halloween strikes. Decking the venue out in every facet of black and orange, Drink Shop Do are setting the scene with two hour pumpkin carving sessions and a glass of something bubbly thrown in for 'creative' measure. 

pumpkin carving at drink shop do london

When it comes to pumpkin carving in London, Drink Shop Do are one of your best options. 

Pimp Your Pineapple Pumpkin with Christabel's

Sunday 30th October: £40 Per Ticket

Shoot. Busted. This is technically not a pumpkin carving session. A pineapple is nowhere near a pumpkin whatsoever. But, you're looking for pumpkin carving to get crafty amongst this year's Halloween creeps, right? So why not try a foray into something fruity instead? Brought to you by Christabel's, join her not only for pimped up prosecco on arrival, you'll be creating a 'spook-tacular pineapple centrepiece', scoffing popcorn and plenty more.

pimp your pineapple halloween london

A pumpkin carving alternative in London with prosecco thrown in for good measure.

Pumpkin Carving Session at The Grove

Saturday 29th October: £10 Per Ticket

You've tried carving creeping faces in courgettes and you've tried your hand at the stomach-turning tomato technique, but nothing beats a good ol' fashioned pineapple come Halloween. While the kitchen team at The Grove are churning out a chilling menu of Mummified Camembert and Witches Brew, you'll be scooping and stabbing shapes into a pumpkin of your very own

the grove pumpkin carving in london

The Grove are churning out a Halloween menu in London with pumpkin carving to boot. 

Pumpkin Carving at The National Gallery

Friday 28 October, 7.30–8.30pm,Portico Entrance: £15 Per Ticket

The National Gallery is a pretty iconic part of the artistic heritage of London and its capital, so you'd better not fluff this pumpkin up. Hosting a pumpkin carving session on the terrace of their Portico Entrance, you'll be given all the tools you need to create artsy pumpkins that'll make your mother proud with the guiding hands of the Rebel Rebel Florists team. (over 18s only)

pumpkin carving at the national gallery

Can you think of anywhere more iconic to carve pumpkins in the city?

Last Tuesday Society: Pumpkin Carving at Islington Arts Factory

Thursday 27th October: £22 Per Ticket

While The Last Tuesday Society often churn out events that have you dabbling in a myriad of mystical tales, magical endeavors and taxidermy on the regs, this Halloween they're throwing in a fun pumpkin portion for those that fancy getting their hands on a little craft and creativity. Join them as they head to the Islington Arts Factory for the ultimate carving session. 

pumpkin carving islington arts factory

Props to anyone that can carve a pumpkin with the intricacy of that above.