Battersea Barge, Tideway Walk, Kirtling St London, SW8 5PZ

You couldn€™t get much more exclusive; only held twice a year in June and September and on an invite only basis, if there is a party you should make the effort to be at, this is it.

Décor and Vibe

Funk & Quirk at its best. Not far from Vauxhall station, you need to look out for the balloons that lead you down to where the barge is hidden. As you near you can hear the laughter and chatter and the twinkling lights upon the moored barge and when you enter the boat you almost forget you are on one. Deceivingly spacious, the boat has different settings throughout and you are reminded that it is a boat party when you squeeze in next to someone dressed up like a pirate at the bar and dance alongside a party haver clad in a sailor suit.

In true BDD fashion you can expect the funky mix of tunes that keep you dancing, the face painting and the relaxed crowd that don€™t care what you are wearing. The venue has a decking area for outdoor fun, 2 bars and quirky décor throughout. There is no way you can forget this is a Buttoned Down Disco gig if you know how Buttoned Down Disco gigs go, as twice a year fun is centralised at these parties.


Clientele and Atmosphere

The boat frequenters tend to be aged between 18-35, but this is no place of judgement and anyone there for a good time is welcomed. You couldn€™t even begin to put a tag on anyone at this event as everyone follows the same fashion for the night; relaxed posture with a smile, drink in hand, a pained face here, a sailor outfit there... The only weirdo would be the guy not having fun, but that€™s impossible.

You could be the next Buttoned Down Disco Party Star

Food and Drink

There is no food served on board the boat at a BDD party but the drinks list has all the regulars from a selection of beers, shots, spirits and wines and they do some good deals on jugs of Pimms for the fab summer and end of summer boat parties. Check the prices below:

Beer (Pint): £3.70

Shots: £3.40

House Wine: £3.90

Pimms small jug: £12.50

Pimms Large jug: £19.50

Music and Events

Once in June and again at the end of September, these parties are the events themselves and like a pilgrim, many flock to these exclusive events purely because the music is good and the atmosphere is great. An ever packed dancefloor is due to the mix of hits from funk, punk, indie, pop, disco, electro, hip hop and many other genres, something for everyone, but whatever genre, the crazy beats keep you moving.

Buttoned Down Disco brings back the boogie vibe


You€™d be crazy to miss it so get booking your invites as they go quick! You snooze you seriously lose.