Get ready, Sao Paulo, BrewDog's comin' for ya!

If you thought the World Cup was the biggest event to come to Brazil this year, think again my friend. Sure, hosting football's most prestigious competition is kind of a big deal - and with the Olympics heading over to the country in 2016 it would be easy to assume that sport is top of the agenda for the country - but that was before Scottish brewery BrewDog announced its plans to open a brand new craft beer bar in Sao Paulo.

All joking aside, Brew-Dog are an organisation that mean business. Their craft beer experts have swelled their network of bars to cover much of the UK, and with some seriously impressive stats behind them, their sights are now set on conquering foreign soil. Expansion to Stockholm set the wheels in motion, and this latest venture forms part of a grander scheme to establish BrewDog as a household name across the globe in years to come. For now though, Scotland can rest assured that whilst it's team might not technically be at the World Cup, footy fans from all over the globe will be sipping on a Scottish tipple whilst cheering their team on! And that's basically just as good, right?