Bombay Sapphire Blue Rooms in Soho, London and begins its guest residency at luxury Indian cocktail bar Zenna.

Launching on World Gin Day, Londoners and visitors alike are welcome to experience the imaginative world of Bombay Sapphire and escape the energy of central London by retreating to the Zenna Bar throughout the summer until 9th September.

Bombay Sapphire UK Brand Ambassador Sam Carter says: 'London is such a busy city and with the dynamic summer ahead, the Bombay Sapphire team wanted to offer everyone a space to escape from it all, even for just one afternoon or evening. The Bombay Sapphire Blue Rooms at Zenna Bar is the perfect retreat to pause, reflect and rejuvenate with a refreshing, imaginative cocktail.'

Bombay Sapphire Blue Rooms opening at Zenna Bar in Soho, London

Visitors to the Bombay Sapphire Blue Rooms at Zenna Bar can choose from a menu of exclusive cocktails available, a few of which include the Summer Sapphire Sour, a floral flavored cocktail with a a lovely luxurious creamy texture which tickles the senses, the sophisticated Sambra Sapphire, a twist on the classic 'Bucks Fizz' and the legendary Bombay Sapphire Aviation.

Partnering with award winning mixologist Dan Thomson, who heads up Zenna Bar, the Bombay Sapphire team also worked with two 'imagineers' to bring the Bombay Sapphire Blue Rooms at Zenna Bar to life. Designer Ross Hancock, Esquire Magazine's 'Best Dressed Man 2010' and 'Project Catwalk' Season 3 Finalist, was brought on board to dress the space and create custom made shirts for the bar staff. Artist Jari Kutasi was commissioned to design an imaginative video collage piece that provides a focal point in the venue.

Jari Kutasi comments: 'The story of my inspiration for the piece starts in the heart of India, Bombay. Adopting a new art form, 'collage-borrowing,' I collected footage from across the Internet, referencing images and locations that best represented Bombay Sapphire and the imaginative journey.'

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