Augmented Reality Cocktails Are Coming To The Alchemist

Last updated . By Georgia Evans.

Augmented Reality X The Alchemist | London Bar News | DesignMyNight

Watch cocktails come to life before your very eyes. 

Is this the future of cocktails in London? It seems so. The Alchemist are launching a rather futuristic-sounding interactive cocktail experience across their venues named The Alchemist x Augmented Reality, encouraging participants to use their phones in a way that will actually enhance how they drink on a night out. 

The Conjurer menu will allow customers to choose from a select list of mixes inspired by fantasy realms, ranging from a seaside circus to pillaging pirate ships, and everything in between. They will then be given a card that acts as a gateway to the virtual world, making use of the bar's signature imagery to build a story once scanned with a phone camera. In addition to this, if guests order all six cocktails on the menu, they unlock a top-secret elixir. It's sure to make for a fun, interactive experience, and some pretty great content for Insta-posting.

To witness this for yourself, head to The Alchemist 63-66 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4JS where the tech will be showcased from 5pm on the 6th March.