9 Costume Ideas And Where To Wear Them in London This Halloween

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Is this London or Hollywood? With so many epic movie and TV-inspired Halloween parties going on around the city, it’s hard to tell. Whether you're in the mood to dress like a stylish Tarantino muse, take a page from the Plastic’s Burn Book, step into the Upside Down for a little inspo or go all-out and become an 80s slasher villain, you'll find the perfect Halloween party and ultimate look to accompany with our guide. 

Who? Arthur Shelby
Where? Bargs Blinders

This Halloween party comes by order of the Peaky Blinders. So strut in your suits, flash your flat caps and re-enact your favourite Brummie-based Victorian drama with a dash of extra spookiness. With Luca Changretta rising from the dead one last time, you'll need to head over to a Kings Road haunted house and help Tommy Shelby get his groove on in celebration. 

Tommy Shelby | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightWe don't pay for suits. Our suits are on the house or the house burns down. 

Who? The Madhatter
Where? Trapped in Wonderland

A twisted take on the Lewis Carroll classic, Trapped in Wonderland is the fancy dress Halloween party for literary aficionadoes of London. Taking place in a unique historic venue and amplified with crazy characters, confetti showers, fortune tellers and doughnut giveaways, this event is sure to get curiouser and curiouser as the evening unravels.

MadHatter | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightExpect to find a twisted tale and dark re-interpretation of your favourite fantasy land.

Who? Eleven
Where? A Stranger Halloween Experience

Rock those printed shirts, bright scrunchies and mom jeans as you’re transported to 1980s Hawkins Indiana for a night in the Upside Down. Taking over Proud Embankment for Halloween, this immersive party promises a prosecco and eggo reception, playlist of throwback anthems and a giant ball pit that you can trawl through in search of lost friends #JusticeForBarb. 

Eleven | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightTake inspiration from the instantly-iconic Stranger Things wardrobe. 

Who? Mia Wallis
Where? Once Upon A Time On Halloween

Relive iconic moments of Quentin Tarantino’s movies at XOYO this Halloween. Whether you feel like doing the twist dressed as Mia Wallace, strutting to 110th Street a la Jackie Brown or embodying that Reservoir Dogs scene, Re:Imagine are set to take you through the classics with a party that oozes style, just don't go cutting any ears off.

Mia Wallace | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightAccompany your Mia Wallace look with a post-overdose bloodied shirt and fake syringe.

Who? The Plastics
Where? So Fetch Halloween 

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a Plastic and dine in an immersive Mean Girls experience unlike any other. You'll get to rock your favourite pink look, sip cocktails and let off steam in a bespoke Burn Book, it’s gonna be so fetch.

Regina George | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightThis is your night. Don't let the hataz stop you from doin' ya thang.

Who? Dr Frankenfurter
Where? Rocky Horror Halloween Singalong

What even is Halloween without a mention of Rocky Horror? Don't dream it, be it and unleash your inner sweet transvestite at a unique screening of the classic flick at Aeronaut in Acton. You’ll be doing the Time Warp, re-enacting scenes and taking part in games all night long, it’s sure to have you quivering with antici...... pation!

Rocky Horror | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightThey're lucky, you're lucky, we're all lucky to have such style icons.

Who? Dracula
Where? The Bicentennial Vampyre Ball 

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of John Polidori’s The Vampyre, this grand ball looks like sucking good fun. Pay homage to the OG fictional vampire Lord Ruthven who inspired countless re-tellings and interpretations, with bloodied fangs, Victorian capes and maybe even a dash of glitter (if you’re going for the Edward Cullen aesthetic) to complete the look.

Dracula | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightThis blood-thirsty Count is a prime source of Halloween inspo.

Who? Pennywise
Where? Hollywood Horror Halloween

The costume possibilities are endless at The Grand’s Hollywood Horror Halloween extravaganza. From Hannibal the Cannibal to our fave clown-of-the-moment, Pennywise. Unleash your inner baddie with the theme ‘Horror Movie Characters & The Living Dead Celebrities’ as your only inspo, it’s sure to be a blood-curdling blast fit for the stars.

Pennywise | London Halloween Costume Ideas | DesignMyNightBecome every nightmare you've ever had, and your worst dream come true. 

Who? A, like, totally rad 80s slasher villain...
Where? 80s Disco Fright Night

Got a Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees costume lying around? Well now is the perfect time for you to crack it out and unleash your inner classic 80s bad guy. You could even take it one step further by embodying this writer's fave TV horror flick American Horror Story and emulate the fitting new slasher theme, 1984. We're already guessing it'll be a go-to come 2020. 

80s Slasher Character | Halloween Costume Ideas London | DesignMyNightThese bad boys of 80s horror are the ultimate go-to. 

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