8 of the Best Egg Dishes in London For the Yolk Mad

Published . By Isobel Watkins.

Sunny side up, with a side of smoked cod roe or accompanied by 40th-floor panoramic views, however you like your eggs in the morning, London has got the goods. With some of the city’s best chefs flexing their culinary muscles when it comes to this humble ingredient, your Sunday mornings may never be the same again. So, what an oeuf are you waiting for? Check out our guide and crack on with London’s best eggy dishes.


Duck and Waffle - Duck and Waffle

Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, and open 24 hours a day, Duck and Waffle offers a slightly more sophisticated alternative to your standard post-night-out nosh. While the waiting list for a table can often extend weeks and months, head here at 4am and you’ll get to enjoy unrivalled views of the sun rising over the city, and the signature dish of crispy leg confit, fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup, all before the hangover has even hit. 

Duck and Waffle London

HRH, egg royalty.

Eggslut - The Fairfax

Originating from LA (with a name like that - is it any surprise?), Eggslut hopped over the pond and landed on Portobello Road with a thump last summer, poaching the hearts of West Londoners with their egg roll offering. Moreish to the max, we recommend The Fairfax - a cheesy scrambled egg mess scooped up and served alongside caramelized onions and sriracha mayo in a warmed brioche bun

Eggslut Noting Hill

Brunch shouldn't be this sexy.

Barge House - Breakfast in Bread

Never far from an Instagram feed, Barge House’s famed ‘breakfast in bread’ is the stuff of Sunday morning dreams. Filling hollowed-out sourdough loaves with poached eggs, chorizo, mushrooms, beans and cheese, these babies are best washed down with an ice-cold bloody mary. Book in advance to bagsy the window seat, which boasts the best views in the house of the narrowboats drifting down the Grand Union Canal.

Barge House Egg In Bread

Eggy bread, and then some.

Beara Beara Cafe - Mac'n'Cheese Scotch Egg

Located in the heart of Angel, Beara Beara have only gone and combined the two best comfort foods in the biz. We’re talking mac’n’cheese scotch eggs… no, we’re not drooling, you are. A cheesy eggy ball of bliss, these babies are encased in crispy panko bread crumbs and boiled to soft egg perfection. Hasta la vista hangover.

Beara Beara Cafe

The mac & cheese scotch egg - a true meeting of minds.

Hoppers - The Egg Hopper

Taking on the much-loved poppadom, the egg hopper is Hoppers' signature side dish. Shaped like a bowl, this paper-thin egg pancake is served sunny side up and offers the perfect dipping partner for the plethora of Sri-Lankan style curries. Priced at only a fiver, this quirky plate proves that eggs aren't just for breakfast, providing some cracking Insta’ content while it’s at it. 

Hoppers Egg Hopper

This side dish is second to naan.

Black Axe Mangal - Smoked Cod Roe Flatbread

Set to a soundtrack of the very best heavy metal tunes, Black Axe Mangal is Highbury’s answer to a Turkish mangal grill house. Boasting flavours as loud as the music, the breakfast here is pretty a gothic affair, think squid ink flatbread, scorched and topped with smoked cod roe and gooey egg yolk.

Black Axe Mangal Egg

If the Addams family did brunch? We like to think it would look a little like this...

Florentine - Ostrich Egg Breakfast

Never one to be outdone, Florentine has taken the humble egg and supersized it. Not for the faint of heart, their sharing-style ostrich egg spectacular includes a plate-sized yolk, alongside a load of bacon, sausages, eggs and mushrooms - perfect for dipping. And for when the ostriches shut up shop for the winter? There’s a whole load of eggs benny offerings, complete with silky smooth hollandaise and just-crispy-enough English muffins.

Floretine Ostrich Egg

Florentine suggests you share this dish between four, but we weren't raised to be a quitter.

Jidori - Katsu Curry Scotch Egg

A Japanese take on the quintessentially British snack, Jidori's katsu curry scotch egg has a crispy coating of chicken mince, carefully encasing a pool of yolky goodness - cooked to perfection for that Boomerang shot. Dip into the accompanying tongue-tingling curry sauce for an eggcellent entré.

Jidori Scotch Egg

Your picnic could never.

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