We should all be thankful to the nation of Italy that pizza exists. It’s pretty much impossible to get wrong: choose your Neapolitan or New York base, smack on some sauce, cheese and any number of toppings and you create both the ultimate hangover killer as well as the safe menu option in a strange restaurant. But tell London you’ve created something universally loved and the city will make it even weirder, using different themes and whacky ingredients to manifest the quirkiest pizzas around. So if you're up for something a little different, go try out these weird pizzas and take your palate on an adventure.

Fire and Stone: The Shredded Duck Pizza

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and that’s reflected in the city’s food scene the most. But the guys at Fire & Stone have taken this multi-cultural message all the way from its heart straight to its pizza oven, delivering a series of pizzas with toppings based on cities from around the world. While that brings some traditional offerings – like the Naples, which is a margarita – it also offers pies like the Peking, made from shredded duck, hoisin sauce, spring onion and cucumber. If having a duck wrap in an even bigger circular form wasn’t quirky enough for you, then the Marakesh surely takes the, uh, pizza cake, coming with lamb, Greek yoghurt, preserved lemon and hummus.

Quirky Pizzas in London - Fire and Stone Country Pizzas

Multi-cultured toppings on pizza, an Italian dish, is Inception-levels of cosmopolitan. 

Bounce Old Street: The Brunch Themed Pizzas

Bounce are known for two things: table tennis and pizza. But while most trips to the ping pong masters will give you one of their delicious traditional pizzas, step in during their fun time bottomless brunches and you’ll be treated to a trio of pizzas inspired by breakfast classics. Prepare for pies packed with Eggs Florentine, Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale (sprinkled with bacon, avocado and more), washed down with two hours of bottomless prosecco and all the table tennis you can handle. If your mum ever told you that you couldn’t eat pizza for breakfast, you’ve now found the perfect excuse.

Quirky Pizzas in London Bounce Brunch Pizzas

You can pretty much guarantee that brunch on top of pizza was designed by a millennial.

Voodoo Ray's: The Pizza with Bacon Dust

Futuristic and weirdly exclusive, the Full Moon Slice is known to pizza experts everywhere. The literally out-of-this-world pie is only served after midnight and is the alcohol-soaker of choice for the drunk masses across the capital, featuring a delicious array of bacon dust, marinated tomatoes, mozzarella and Japanese mayonnaise as the toppings. Head to Ray's Bar in Dalston and you can eat one of the weirdest pizzas in London with some tasty cocktails too.

Quirky Pizzas in London Full Moon Pizza Voodoo Rays

Stay up late and you might catch a rare sighting of the illusive Full Moon Pizza.

Mayfair Pizza Co.: The Hot Sauce Pizza

They might be purveyors of upper-class pizza, but they also have one of the most dangerous pies safe only for the toughest spice eaters around. Hotter than the Central Line in July, the Vesuvius was forged in the pits of Mount Doom with tomato, The Rib Man hot sauce, scotch-bonnet chilli, ‘Nduja sausage, rocket and, mercifully, mozzarella. Not only is it supposedly the spiciest pizza in London, but probably responsible for global warming too. Try it if you dare.

Quirky Pizzas in London Mayfair Pizza Co

If this went within a centimetre of my face it would just burn into flames.

Lost&Co: The Roast Dinner Pizza

What's the best way to cure a hangover, pizza or a roast dinner? A battle that will truly show the fault-lines of the North/South divide, but the true answer to this question is both. The mavericks at Lost&Co have collided the worlds in one spectacular pizza, piling on top of a dough and tomato base potatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, chicken and a whole Yorkshire pudding. Now that’s a meal and a half.

Roast Dinner Pizza

Human ingenuity knows no bounds...

Pizza Pilgrims: The Nutella Pizza Ring

All the quirky pizzas in London have combined two worlds to create something perfect: brunch and pizza, pizza and roast dinner, molten lava and pizza. But finally they’ve combined everyone’s gluttonous desires into one big pie in the Nutella pizza. Pizza Pilgrims have filled the base with everyone’s favourite nut-and-chocolate spread and flipped it into a calzone/doughnut amalgamation. My only hope is that I leave this world the way I’ve lived in it - full of pizza and chocolate.

Quirky Pizzas in London Pizza Pilgrims Nutella Doughnut

*Drools continuously*