How to make cocktails at home for the perfect cocktail party

1) If you are out of ideas download the latest app by Absolut called Drinkinspiration. The software has some wacky options that you would not even think of when choosing a beverage. You may want to choose your drink based on color. You could evenpick a drink to match the dress or outfit that you are wearing! How cool is this?


 Drinksinspiration App on an Apple iPad

2) For the spirit why not go organic? Hum is a botanical spirit inspired by great aromas such as cardamon, hibiscus, organic ginger, Kaffir lime. Hum! The applications are only limited by your imagination...


Hum botanical Spirit

3) Use Neve luxury ice for the purest ice cubes which are frozen a minimum of 48 hours to ensure the slowest dilution rate achievable. The elegant cube designs fit perfectly into tall and short glasses. Their size and solidity lead to perfectly chilled, undiluted drinks or cocktails.

 Neve Ice Cube

4) Now, shake in style with the Ball shakewhich is a simple yet beautiful object made of stainless steel and composed by a body and a ball.


 Ball Shake

5) Finally pour your cocktail into €œDiagonal€ by Catarina Carreiras which plays with diagonal lines in her design for the perfect martini glass. Weird yet wonderful!

Diagonal by Catarina Carreiras

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