5 Creepy Date Ideas In London This Halloween

Added on . By Georgia Evans.

Halloween is a time of mischief and mayhem, but have you ever thought of getting closer to that special person by scaring each other senseless? We've put together this list of the perfect spooky dates in London to keep you on your toes this Halloween. Don’t just go for drinks or a nice dinner, go and shoot some zombies, solve a murder mystery or speak to some ghosts for a truly memorable evening.

The Unsafe Church

Is there any creepier way to spend Halloween than in a cemetery? Throw some ghost stories into the mix and there you go, a truly authentic chilling experience. Explore Brompton Cemetery with acclaimed storyteller Roger Clarke bringing three tales centred around ‘The Unsafe Church’ to life. Despite being written decades apart, when combined they present a triptych on the themes of death, life, commerce, power and religion. Spooky or what?

Hear three grizzly stories of death, demons and mystery in Brompton Cemetery.  

The Copycat - Immersive Horror Experience

Scare yourselves silly with this immersive experience that puts you in the centre of this serial killer murder mystery. Based on true crime cases, join detective Anthony Larson to find and apprehend The Copycat, following the kidnapping and murder of his sister. Part murder mystery, part horror show, part escape room, it’s certainly one way to get closer to your significant other. 

Can you and your partner solve The Copycat Murders?

Halloween Séance at The Last Tuesday Society 

There’s nothing more romantic than conjuring the dead with a loved one. Get to know some lost souls with illusionist and performer Philipp Oberlohr, often recognised as an Austrian Derren Brown, and decipher the language of the dead. Taking place in the fittingly spooky setting of The Last Tuesday Society where you'll be surrounded by taxidermy and Victorian trinkets, what better way is there to get to know someone than through a shared supernatural experience?

Celebrate Halloween with loved ones from beyond the grave.

Purge: Lockdown Immersive Halloween Party

Hold on to each other as you escape The Purge. This immersive party experience sees you and you partner seek refuge in Bunker 51, a space where you can let your innermost desires run free, so let loose together and dance through the night with your fellow safety-seekers. With DJs sound tracking the action and actors maintaining the story, there's only one way to escape the frenzy of the city above: party.  

Escape the purge in the city above. 

London Dungeon LATES

Arguably the spookiest place in London, this could be a good choice if you’re hoping to mix some humour in with your horror. Head over to London Dungeons and pick up a free gin fizz before heading to the streets to meet some of London’s most famed murderers including Jack The Ripper, Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett. There's then the chance to enjoy the Drop-Dead ride, if you can stomach it. There's plenty of drinks along the way, as well as some really great opportunities for audience participation, what more could you want for a Halloween date?

 Experience the horrors of London Dungeon's most famous killers, just don't eat the pies!

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