August brings with it a great number of different things, but few bring quite as much universal pleasure as National Burger Day. Taking place this year on the 25th August, thousands of chef's across East London will be putting their experience to the test, using a baffling range of different ingredients to produce some of the best burgers the city has ever seen. Add in a landslide of deals and staggering offers, and you've got yourself one amazing condiment-filled day. To help guide you through this day of excited, here are East London's 5 best burgers to celebrate the 25th with. 

King Pin Burger @ All Star Lanes, Brick Lane

Combining all the things we love about bowling with delicious comfort food treats, All Star Lanes on Brick Lane is one of the leaders in this year's National Burger Day celebration. Alongside offering a generous 20% off every burger on the day, this frivolous venue serves up a strike, offering £5 bowling games for anyone that tackles their carefully crafted King Pin Burger. Composed of a succulent beef patty, treacle cured bacon and a delectable Mac 'n' Cheese croquette, the combination of flavours are certainly worthy of competing with London's best bun-enclosed creations. 

The rich flavours of the creamy Mac 'n' Cheese croquette bring the King Pin Burger to life.

Wagyu Burger @ The Greedy Cow

Few London burger make use of as quality a cut of meat as the Wagyu Burger at The Greedy Cow in Mile End. Originating from Japan, Wagyu beef is reared in a particular manner to ensure the production of only the most succulent and tender meat. The cattle are usually massaged during their lives and are fed beer - yes, we said beer - in order to increase their appetite during the summer months. Served in a bed of salad and drenched in a mixture of condiments and chutneys, it's become a favourite choice as this East London burger spot.

The Greedy Cow's Wagyu burger will leave everyone with a chutney stained smile from ear to ear.

El Chappo @ Lucky Chip Burger & Wine

Having grown from humble beginnings and pleased thousands of burger enthusiasts at various food markets, the team at Lucky Chip Burger & Wine will definitely be taking part in this year's National Burger celebrations. Known for marrying together an intriguing range of quirky flavours, the El Chappo perfectly symbolises the ingenuity and flair that runs through the minds of their chefs. With a base of aged Beef and Smokey Bacon, the dish kicks into life as soon as the spice and heat of the Jalapeno comes into contact with the rich flavours of the Aioli. Few burgers have as much grace and attitude.

el chappo, east london, national burger day

Lucky Chip Burger & Wine has become a favourite East London restaurant for the city's burgeoning crowd of burger enthusiasts.

The Yolky Bear @ The Magic Roundabout, Old Street

Sat atop Old Street station, the Magic Roundabout has quickly become a favourite post-work drinking spot for East London's working crowds. Framed by brilliant pop-up bars and restaurants, few leave as big a smile on the faces of their guests as Burger Bear. National Burger Day means a lot here, so to help celebrate, they are serving up their infamous Yolky Bear burger with a glass of beer or wine for just £10. Although being a simple cheese burger, the dish is fit to burst after being topped with cured bacon, bacon jam, Helluvapino relish, Ribman hot sauce and a sunny-side-up fried egg.

magic roundabout, burger bear, East London burgers, National Burger day

Drenched in potent hot sauce and Helluvapino relish, the Yolky Burger will definitely leave its mark on you.

Bleecker Black @ Bleecker Street Burger

While some of East London's more outlandish restaurants have done anything they can to draw customers in, the Bleecker Street Burger joint has sat peacefully in the middle of Old Spitalfield Market, comfortable in the thought that their stunning burgers would naturally draw in the crowds. This National Burger Day, indulge in their speciality, the Bleecker Burger, composed of dark, flavoursome black pudding, drenched in sauce and sandwiched between two, cheese laden beef patties. Burgers simply don't come heartier than this.

Bleecker Street burger, national burger day, black pudding

From the onions and black pudding to the delicately cooked beef patties, there's something wonderfully dishevelled about this burger.