Like all good things in life, the Pisco Sour is a bit of a mystery. Both Chile and Peru assert the tipple originated from their shores and no one has quite decided whether it should be mixed with egg white and bitters or not. But one thing is certain, the Pisco Sour is great, so great that Peruvians have a dedicated day to downing the drink before the end of the national anthem - precisely the sort of heart-warming, heroic and honourable celebrations we can get involved with. And London has done exactly that; not one to be outdone, our little city is dedicating a whole week to the drink, with bars across the capital offering up their take on a Pisco Sour. Get ready to fiesta with these five bars celebrating London Pisco Sour Week.

The Pisco Disco at Purl

When you’re up against a country that has dedicated an entire day to downing a drink before the end of their national anthem, you’ve got to go big and you’ve got to go bold. In a move guaranteed to satisfy all you literati out there, Mayfair bar Purl have swapped the stuffy sounding ‘sour’ and added ‘disco’ to really ramp up the fun of London Pisco Sour Week. The quirky 1920s basement bar is putting its take on the South American classic with a blend of La Diabla Pisco, Bergamont Juice, homemade Falernum, tonic syrup and a disco garnish.

London Pisco Sour Week at Purl

1920s speakeasy Purl has created a cocktail specially for London Pisco Sour Week.

Matcha Peachou and Perucian Rascal at The Four Sisters Townhouse

Yes, we will be forever grateful for South America’s gift of Pisco, but there's so much more to the continent than a brandy-like spirit, folks. The Four Sisters Townhouse near St Paul’s is showing a bit of love to other South American ingredients as they create two bespoke cocktails for London Pisco Sour Week. Slurp a muddle of Matcha tea and peach or basil and raspberry among The Four Sisters Townhouse's Old World style walls.

London Pisco Sour Week at The Four Sisters Townhouse

The Four Sisters Townhouse in St Paul's is mixing two special concoctions for LPSW. 

Happy Hour classic Pisco Sours at The Jones Family Project

The Jones Family Project are East London saviours, making sure even the cash-strapped, penny pinchers among us can get involved in London’s Pisco Sour celebrations as they offer happy hour prices on the revered drink until 10th of February. It doesn’t stop there, oh no - the bar will also be serving the JFP Pisco Sour twist, their take on our South American favourite for those of you who laugh in the face of tradition.

London Pisco Sour Week The Jones Family Project

As well as a mega food menu, The Jones Family Project are celebrating with happy hour prices on the classic Pisco Sour.

Four different types of Pisco Sour at Three Six Six Battersea

Three Six Six Battersea have decided to push the boat out and celebrate in true Great British fashion, with many drinks. As well as the old classic, they will also be serving a Hibiscus Pisco Sour, Tamarind Pisco Sour and Chilli and Cucumber Pisco Sour - all for £7 a pop if you get there between 5 and 8pm. South America, you can keep your sexy Latin dancing, sun-washed streets and carnivals, we will be celebrating with copious amounts of cocktails - to London Pisco Sour Week.

London Pisco Sour Week at Three Six Six Battersea

The Tamarind Pisco Sour at Three Six Six is one of four Pisco Sours available until 10th of February.

£5 Pisco Sours at The Walrus Rooms

Sometimes ye gods on high hand you a gift, a reminder that London life is not all soul-stealing landlords and hope-crushing HR employees; £5 Pisco Sours at The Walrus Rooms is that gift. Inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, the Battersea bar is mixing two types of cocktails this week: the classic and the Carob Sour. Take a date, whip out the contactless and prepare to party like there’s no end to London Pisco Sour Week; if you want to do things right, order a portion of their delicious oysters.

London Pisco Sour Week at The Walrus Room

The Walrus Room is a quirky spot in Clapham that is serving £5 Pisco Sours.