Picture the scene; you wake up in the morning, your head is pounding, your stomach isn't right and you've absolutely no clue what the time is. As you painfully reach over for a frantic pint of water, you cast your mind back to the previous night's adventures. We've all been there. Hangovers are nature's way of reminding us that nothing in this life is free. But fear not, we have the perfect cure for your dehydrated day of discomfort. Having done a fair share of market research - purely in the name of science of course - we've subsequently produced a guide that'll help get you back to neutral in no time whatsoever...

Brunch, glorious brunch!

Brunch seems to have become London's favourite meal and importantly, offers the quickest way to crucially fill your stomach with coma-inducing amounts of great-tasting food. Enter Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch. From fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, to spicy buffalo wings and American-style pancakes served with blueberries and cream, their brunch menu offers copious amounts of comfort food to anyone in dire need of hangover-related help.

blues kitchen, shoreditch, brunch, hungover, food

Expect to find great pancakes with fresh fruit at a brunch session in Blues Kitchen.

Fresh air is your friend

Constantly uneasy, unpleasantly close and with God-knows how much alcohol still lingering around somewhere, fresh air offers a remedy to the strange state your hungover body finds itself in. For the sporty type amongst you, breathe it in deep at the ever-frivolous Biridies Crazy Golf Club atop Roof East for a noticeable difference in your internal workings. Alternatively, pay a visit to the Queen of Hoxton's rooftop tribute to Dr Strange and let the wind wash over you like a weightless wave of water, refreshing every part of your fragile body.

queen of hoxton, hangover, dr strange, rooftop, hangover cure

Shake off your achy hangover, soak up the sunshine, and take in all the fresh air at the Queen of Hoxton.

Sugar, sugar, sugar!

There is a long winded scientific explanation to why sugar makes your hungover body feel better, but in a nutshell, it replaces the energy that's been drained by our dire friend alcohol. Eradicating any trace of sluggishness, and simultaneously planting a chocolate sauce-stained smile on our face, London's many milkshake connoisseurs have been curing hangovers for countless years. Locked in an endless competition to delicately balance the greatest number of sugar-laden treats on top of a their freshly produced shakes, you needn't look further than the quirky creators at Pond Dalston and Maxwell's in Covent Garden.  

milkshakes, hangover cure, designmynight, maxwell's, sugar

The talented team at Maxwell's dazzle guests with their topped, sugar-loaded milkshakes. 

Find a spot & bite back

A hangover cure that's certain to abolish any remaining lethargic feelings, the 'hair of the dog that bit you' treatment was discovered long ago by the pioneers of our trade. Though a lively party bar is probably the last thing on your mind, London has plenty of serene spots perfect for unwinding drifting off. Love Die Late in Fitzrovia marries brilliant spirit-infused cocktails with a serene, American coffee shop themed setting, while the team behind The Bloomsbury Club in Soho pay tribute to the golden age of cocktail creation, serving decadent concoctions in their calm, easy-going terrace bar.   

hangover cure, how to cure a hangover in London, unwind, cocktails in London

Grab a cosy spot and sink deep into your well-crafted cocktail at Fitzrovia's Love Die Late.