Best Winter Beer Gardens in London

Hoiking heaters into beer gardens, tossing around a few rugs and randomly setting fire to stuff are just a few methods great venues around London are employing to give punters a few more outside hours this Winter. Because cosy pub vibes can only take you so far before you want to feel the crisp chill on your cheeks, obviously whilst being blasted at full power by an industrial sized heater or full on bonfire. Add a Bear Grylls-esque sense of outdoorsy contentment to your evening plans, and check out one the fantastic Winter beer gardens around London. 

Last updated on 10th October 2018

The Jam Tree Chelsea

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There's no woes that a flurry of fairy lights won't immediately solve, and that's why everyone at The Jam Tree Chelsea constantly smiles from ear to ear. This rather top notch establishment boasts a big ol' garden with loads of seating, some festive twinkles and, more importantly, some very powerful looking heaters. DJs popping on a bit of commercial house keep things ticking over way into the night. 

The Four Thieves

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Lounging under the marquee style swooping covering, you'll feel as smug as you are snug at The Four Thieves. And to be clear, you'll feel very snug - what with the home brewed beer in your hand and the heaters pumping ou tropical sunshine climates. If you're in need of a little activity, burlesque, live music and cabaret get all singing all dancing on you. And we haven't even mentioned the hearty grub yet - needless to say, it's good. 


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Frankly, The Aeronaut emits so much pure snazz that you could go there in arctic chill, inadvertently freeze into an ice block, have to be craned home and still exclaim 'what larks!' However, in the interest of health and safety, these acrobatic marvels have plonked circus hut style booths in the spacious beer garden to protect its punters. There's also a coconut shy, hook-a-duck and strong man booths to keep you busy and home brewed craft beer to warm the cockles. 

The Candlemaker

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The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker would be very happy here. An eclectic establishment modelled off a nearby candle factory (which are, apparently, the very last word in style), this joint rocks a kinda garish but great vibe. Inside, it's all psychedelic artworks and Austin Powers statement furniture. Outside, the beer garden is split into primary coloured booths and heated up to the gills. 

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The Avalon

3 user reviews 4

A rather delightful bit of decking for when it gets fecking cold, The Avalon combines swish pine layouts with warm amber glows. Pop in and out to enjoy the very moody dark wooden and mirror embellished interiors contrasting with the contemporary beer garden. Some classic beer garden stuff with circular trestle tables given a bit of oomph with heaters and the requisite foliage input. 

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The Crown and Shuttle

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This pub takes its name from a nasty badminton accident that really shook up the Royal family (probably). The beer garden is actually more of a fair ground, or at the very least a village fete; boasting its very own food van and primary coloured tables. It's even big enough to warrant quite substantial landscaping and two kinds of flooring (wood and stone). As you might imagine, craft beer is a big thang round here, so you might as well have some .