Winter Bars in London

Whether we like it or not, winter is upon us; but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Come the cold weather, come a London alive with winter themed bars, pop ups and events. For those wanting to get into the chilly swing of things; check out our top picks and the best Winter bars in London.

Roadtrip & The Workshop

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The Roadtrip and the Workshop is all about big music, quirky décor and fun times. What will attract you in there on those cold winter nights is their drinks list packed with tipples perfect for warming up the insides (and they often have a seasonal menu – check it out), and the party attitude despite the darkness outside. But you may get to hideaway from the cold much more than you expected – as their weekend late license lasts all the way until 5am.

Nordic Bar

233 user reviews 4

Think we've got it bad with the weather? Scandinavian bar Nordic beg to differ - they know a thing or two about cold. Luckily, they've got a lot to remedy it, including Smorgasbords, vodka and meatballs at this winter-cabin like bar in the centre of town! Oh, and they love a bit of football here, if you want to hide away at the weekends. 

The Four Thieves

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Both a pub and a microbrewery, it's easy to see why you could while away the winter hours at The Four Thieves. Tuck into one of their 70+ gins, stay for their weekly comedy night or wait for a live performance – it's all fine things to do. But head upstairs and you'll be treated to an arcade lik eno other, including their very own Virtual Reality station.