Where Would Don Draper Drink?

Where would the legendary Don Draper drink in London? Whether you're a fan of Mad Men or not, everybody knows who Don Draper is, the ice cold marketing mogul who's impenetrable style is matched only by his quick tongue and his penchant for the life's finest indulgences. He's well known to be partial to cocktail or two and is a sucker for a single malt, with that in mind check out this list of cool London bars that Don might fancy visiting if he were about... or real. Don once said, "I keep going to a lot of places and ending up somewhere I've already been", well never fear Don in your honour here's a run-down of London's best whisky bars and classy joints.

Smiths of Smithfield

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Set where the high-flyers are Smiths of Smithfield is a quirky cocktail bar in London. While there may be plenty of diverse and interesting cocktails for mad women, for the mad men there is an extensive list of digestifs and spirits to satisfy all types. Don would be pleased to notice that there's over 70 whiskies available and Smith's offers a delightful bar menu served daily too. For a more relaxed Friday night drink Don Draper style, Smith's of Smithfield is the ideal booking. 

The Tale Bar

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When considering the ideal bars for Mad Men's Don Draper it seems impossible to resist the charms of Salvatore at Playboy. You can probably guess that places like this were designed for the likes of Don and you too can enjoy the many benefits of drinking at this swanky Mayfair bar. The bar is brought to your table from which the infamous Playboy Bunnies will lavish you with classic cocktails and vintage spirits. You don't have to be a member to book either, perfect.

Proud Cabaret City

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You can be as cool as you like but even Don Draper still has his fun side. For a cool yet very quirky night out in London that even Don would approve of head down to the Proud Cabaret City in Central London. This 1920's speakeasy themed bar has it all from classic prohibition cocktails to you've guessed it, a full blown cabaret show with go-go girls and live music acts. It's no surprise that this place fills up pretty quick so don't miss a trick and book your spot today!


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Don Draper's a pretty distinguished chap. We'd add debonair to that too. And we get the feeling he would just ADORE a members only cocktail club with bags of understated old school glamour to boot. The favoured drinking hole of artist George Moorland, the walls boast a wonderful mural in his honour. Don would have the secret code (obviously) but mere mortals can book with DesignMyNight and gain entry. 


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With all due respect, Don Draper probably wouldn't really fancy being caught up in the usual hustle and bustle of West End London. With that said he might like to try The Nightjar Bar for it's secluded speak easy charm. The Nightjar Bar has attracted many a discerning drinker to prop up the bar and you could come too. Atmoshpere and whisky are all important at this 1920's throwback but remember to keep it strictly hush hush.

American Bar

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Invoking the spirit of the main mad man himself check out the American Bar in Covent Garden, offering high class high balls, mouth watering whiskies and a slice of unadulterated elegance. Situated in the world famous Savoy Hotel there is no doubt that the American Bar would be one of Don Draper's favourite bars to drink at in London, if you're looking for some of what he's having then book a table now.

The Hemingway

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The Hemingway near Victoria Park has all of the ingredients of a classy London drinking hole. Full bodied wines, rich imposing wooden features, a well considered selection of spirits and plates as full as the flavour of the food that dwells on them. So it's a perfect match for Don who you can imagine swanning into The Hemingway for a ripe and juicy steak before sampling the vintage whisky selection. You're probably imagining yourself there too right?


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Two things to consider, firstly that the name of the illustrious Oxford Circus haunt is inspired by a famous New York speakeasy and secondly it was recently voted as the World's Best Bar, so of course Don Draper would want in. The Oriental style space was designed by David Collins Studio so it's plain to see that this is one hell of a classy London bar before you've even ordered a drink. Once you do order you'll discover just why Artesian's cocktails have won so many awards. 

JW Steakhouse

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As far as impressing Don Draper goes this classy London bar really steaks its claim to be one of his favourites. Although the shots may not be cheap at JW Steakhouse Don would always prefer to pay more for the finer things in life. This place takes its meat seriously and with that you'll get to enjoy its rich décor housed proudly at London's grand Grosvenor Hotel. For quite possibly the best steak in London head down to JW Steakhouse in Mayfair.


Bolt Bar

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Sometimes a man just wants to be at one with his whisky and Don is clearly no different; and if like Don you're just looking for a cool whisky bar in London then why not try Bolt Bar. This minimalistic basement bar is hidden deep in trendy Shoreditch and invites you to discover one of the many blends that it has to offer. The whole bar is available for private hire too so you can have a proper mad one.