Proud owner of the prestigious “Best Club & Restaurant 2015” award, DSTRKT is more than just one of central London’s most luxurious places to party. But, the restaurant is where a fusion of Pan-Asian and European foods awaits.

The Venue

Striking, stylish and oozing sophistication the restaurant of DSTRKT definitely lives up to all its hype. A subterranean scape of dark woods and rich interiors with a nod to oriental stylings and a dash of modern minimalism is what greets you. There’s a neat drinking area for some pre-dinner tipples and then the dining area opens up with a dazzling blue led lighting feature in the centre. Spread over a few levels and banked by an open kitchen, you can smell the aromas and get a look into the chefs at work where there’s even a take on a traditional sushi bar with sashimi made to order and prepared but inches away. All in all - pretty on point for a lavish place to dine in London.

DSTRKT Restaurant

Effortless style makes up the DSTRKT dining room

Food & Drink

The DSTRKT menu is a fusion of Japanese and European cuisines; half sushi master, half king of the grill. The combination of these global plates makes for a shared dining experience where you can delve into sushi dishes and seafood or go for a bigger dedicated dish. Naturally, we had a bit of everything.

First off the Prawns al Ajillo (£15) were a piece of Espagne, flambéed in brandy to round off the rich garlic flavoured sauce. Advised to try the Mixed Sashimi Platter with a chefs selection of 5 fish (£30), we delved straight in and had Tono (fatty tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Unagi (Eel), Sake (Salmon) and Suzuki (Seabass). Absolute fish bliss.

For mains, I’m a sucker for a steak and went big with the Beef Fillet 250g (£33). A medium rare morsel of tender meat accompanied a beautiful béarnaise sauce. I enviously looked upon my companion's Hot Seafood Platter (£32) which was quite the medley; basically a melting pot of chili garlic butter, cod frittatas, prawns, pan fried sea bass and salmon - flaky and fine.  

The cocktail menu is pretty extensive here so have your wits about you, but the Afternoon Tea is a must-try. A mix of Ketel One Citron Vodka shaken with jasmine tea topped up with pomegranate juice and garnished with fresh basil and raspberries - just the Summer shaker you’ve been waiting for full of punch and fruity zest. If Gin is more your tipple though, the Bramble is a sweet sensation of Gin, fresh lime and blackberries and brown sugar. Zingy.

DSTRKT Restaurant

Colourful plates bursting with Asian flavour 


The nature of DSTRKT satisfies the night owls of London. With most bookings probably made with the intention of continuing the night in the throes of the DSTRKT lounge and club room, I’d say make it a late date if anything. There was a growing encore of bookings being seated and people enjoying an intimate cocktail as we were leaving around 10pm. That said, the atmosphere in this place really takes care of itself - there’s a grand air about the restaurant that’s not what you expect with an underground space. The waiters are attentive, complementary and always on hand with recommendations and advice on how to make the most out of the menu.

DSTRKT Restaurant

Fresh sashimi of the highest quality


Fine, elegant and impeccable when it comes to service, DSTRKT certainly made an impression on my visit. Though most fusion menus can seem a bit of a fad in London these days, DSTRKT actually combines authentic Japanese delicacies with modern European dishes that suits those looking for a formal dining occasion with unpretentious flair.