Top 10 Bars To Take Your Parents To

Whether your parents are London locals or visiting for the weekend, the thought of taking them bar hopping might seem a ridiculous prospect. We have put together a list of bars to impress your parents with, all with their own unique yet widely appealing quirks to ensure that everyone is happy. Next time the occasion calls for it, here is a list of our top 10 bars to take your parents to, should you decide to give them a taste of your lifestyle away from home. 

Last updated on 6th June 2018

Belowzero Ice Bar

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London's famous Belowzero is a unique bundle of fun for all the family. There's simply nowhere like it in the country: interiors are carved using ice, and you'll need to get kitted up in a thermal cape and gloves beforehand. Knock back a few chilled cocktails in your 40-minute slot, then head downstairs (and back to a normal room temperature) for dinner and drinks after.

It's sometimes difficult to find a quaint, chilled gastropub in amongst the bustle of Central London, but they are there, somewhere. The Surprise is one of those relaxing gems, which is something of a haven in the heart of Chelsea. Bring the parents along and catch up in a hassle-free boozer, with regularly rotating food menus washed down by real ales and great wines.

Archer Street

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This is one of our top bars to take your parents to if you're hoping to be spoilt for the night. Drinks are priced a little higher than average, but justifiably so when you begin to savour the taste of these beautifully crafted delights. Whilst your parents may not be so happy about the price, they will fall in love with the cool ambience and the secluded alcoves that allow you some added privacy as you catch up - all reasons why Archer Street Cocktail Lounge deserves a spot on our list of the top 10 bars to take your parents. 

Humble Grape Fleet Street

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For a laid back, stress-free night of smooth drinks and delicious food with your parents, head to the Humble Grape on Fleet Street. Having only recently opened, the venue is as sleek as ever, with exposed brick walls, beautifully simple furniture and huge mosaics. Add in the 30 different varieties of wine and the delicious menu of tapas style dishes, your parents  are sure to leave with a beaming smile on their faces. 

Hoxley and Porter

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Sporting opulent 'train carriage' decor and with plants adding colour between tables, Hoxley and Porter in Angel is a parent's dream. Show them you're sophisticated by trying some of their amazing cocktail creations, before moving into the dining carriage for a dishes that include pork belly and rabbit pie. One of North London's best bars, your parents will love it.

Whether your parents are hard to impress, or you just fancy spoiling them, there's one location in the heart of St Pancras that's sure to serve both. Join Searcys for a unique 'press for Champagne' button, bottles of bubbly and some of the finest oysters in the business. 

Searcys Bar At The Gherkin

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Are Mum and Dad sometimes a bit… difficult to impress? Next time they visit bring out this absolute show-stopper of a trump card - as we offer DMN users exclusive access to the iconic glass dome at the top of the Gherkin; a space usually reserved for private members only. Tick this one off your bucket list while you catch up with ma and pa over exquisite cocktails and unrivalled views of London's skyline.

Making it onto our list of the top 10 bars to take your parents to, Long Bar at Sanderson Hotel reaches out to 80ft in length and is quite possibly the most glamorous of all hotel bars. With a vast list of classic and innovative cocktails to sweeten you up, and a seasonally inspired menu to keep your appetites sated, this is a safe option if you're looking out for bars to impress your parents with.