The Westbury Review - 34 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 5UA

The Westbury sits at the base of Kilburn High Road. First let me discuss Kilburn with has somewhat of a bad reputation but this area, wedged in between Camden, Queens Park and Notting Hill, is without doubt one of the next areas to "up and come". Sure it's not the prettiest high street in London and yes it is a bit more "edgy" then it's burgeoise neighbours but there is a growing community of cocktail bars, gastro pubs and boutique clubs to rival any part of London.

The Westbury Exterior


The Westbury is a bit of all the above and one of the most well-known venues in this area; people indeed flock from the surrounding areas to this popular Kilburn haunt. So...a group of us decided to go on a Friday night to see the infamous Norman Jay MBE: The fact that The Westbury can attract such DJ royalty is testimony to its growing reputation. 

We arrived at 11pm and there was already a long queue edging to get inside; while the queue does move, I would recommend you try and get there for 10ish when a big name DJ is on the decks. Upon entering, The Westbury manages to fuse the feeling of gastro pub and boutique club. The space is large, with different levels where leather banquettes and couches are scattered. The bar flanks the whole right side and leads you to the dance-floor. Behind the dance-floor is another raised area where a covered pool table is used as a drinks table and resting area! 

Entrance Area at The Westbury

The crowd is mixed and clearly a fusion of Kilburnites, Camdenites and Notting Hillites but everyone is there simply to have a good time! Before Norman Jay hit the decks we got our drinks (quickly - the bar staff are very proficient) and found leather seats away from the dance floor. Amazingly, the seating areas are a lot more quiet than the main dance floor so you can have a chat while listening to (and not shouting over) the DJ. I'm not sure if they have directional speakers but whatever they have done really works. 

Norman Jay came on at 12 and the whole place was dancing; from the door up to the decks - everyone really enjoying the night. After an hour of solid dancing, Norman finished and a Justin Bieber look-a-like took up the reigns and started laying out some hardcore drum & bass (unexpected!). Although the crowd thinned out a bit there were still a lot of people loving the music and atmosphere right up until 3am! 

The Westbury dance floor


As our legs began to realise the ordeal we just put them through, we staggered out of The Westbury onto Kilburn High Street, and like mice everyone quickly scurried off to their own neighbourhood again, with the thought that yes, Kilburn really could be the next big thing and The Westbury is most definitely at the forefront of this revolution. 

I would urge you to check out their now infamous What's On guide and get yourself down to The Westbury for a brilliant fun-time night out (without the pretence of its high-class neighbours). It is surely one of the best clubs in West London!


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