Whyte & Brown New Restaurant Bar Hatched in Soho
Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

Whyte & Brown is a restaurant passionate about creating the best food possible in a cool, comfortable atmosphere. The creators have worked hard to make sure all the ingredients come from ethically sound producers and everything is free range and fresh. The bar relies on the same quality as the restaurant offering a large selection of wines, beers, ciders and spirits that will suit anyone's taste. The friendly staff will treat you like you're a guest in their own kitchen and leave you wanting to come back for more!

What we say:

We're loving the look of this cool Soho bar and restaurant, and our mouths are watering whilst reading the menu. What's better than chicken and eggs though, really? Whyte & Brown have made them in every kind of variety one could hope for and we're hoping to get our mouths on each option at some point. The bar is a hot spot hangout seeing as it is so close to Oxford Street, especially with it's enticing range of cocktails and wines. Nothing has been overlooked and it is definitely obvious how much work has gone into making Whyte & Brown a top London restaurant bar.