Archer Street Cocktail Lounge Soho - Review

By The Reviewer.

Archer street is one of the lesser known soho thoroughfares mainly because it is small and not littered with a bar, restaurant or sex shop every metre. It does however house the highly rated Boca di Lupo restaurant and now it is the proud member of Archer Street Cocktail Lounge

Ambience and decor

From the exterior Archer Street Cocktail Lounge is a very chic and subtle looking place with limited signage, a black awning and a couple of street side tables. The upstairs bar is highly reminiscent of a hotel lounge bar, adorned with a stylish drinks bar decorated with luxe spirit brands and cream sofas and glass tables and low lit side lamps reflecting around the space. The space is by no means large which manages to give it quite a cosy feel (even with all the faceless neutral colours).

Head down some unmarked stairs and you are presented with a whole other experience. The crazy sister of the upstairs bar if you will! Down here there are wonderful alcoves, comfy and communal spaces, luxe cushions, bold colours and a large wooden drinks bar (with built in decks). The ambience is still most definitely chic and classy but with an added edge of spice and personality.

Outside looking in on the chic Archer Street Cocktail Lounge

Clientele and atmosphere

As expected, Archer Street Cocktail Lounge does attract a mish mash of people (being in Soho) but baring in mind the splash the cash prices, it is a mish mash of people with money to burn! Looking around mid-week I would say the average age is about 28+. On the weekend the fun-time lively basement bar does attract some younger nippers looking to spend their hard earned weekly cash in luxe Soho surroundings.

Mid-week in the upstairs bar, matching the decor, Archer Street has the ambience of a buzzy chic hotel bar. Background music softly decorates the air while laughter and chitter chatter are the main notes. On the weekend, this dual personalitied venue takes on a new persona. The basement bar turns into a place of no nonsense revelry with DJs pumping out classics, new and old, singing barmen and a crowd buzzing off the rapturous ambience. A double personality indeed!

The beatuiful bar in the basement bar at Archer Street Cocktail Lounge, Soho London

Food and drinks

Archer Street Cocktail Lounge is what I would class as a classic cocktail bar. You won't get cocktails infused with wierd and wonderful flavours or drinks served in strange tankards or dry ice flowing over the table. It's not about the theatre here. Is this a bad thing? Most definitely not. They do the classics (and some with twists) and they do them well. They use top grade spirits, fresh ingredients and mixologists who know what they're doing. At around £10.50 a pop you'd expect this though. The wine list is thoughtful and covers most tastes.

Food wise, its pretty non existent. Archer Street is more a drinking establishment. You can have olives, nuts and a cheese board but that's as far as it goes. For private events they do have caterers at hand. 

The lively decor at Archer Street Cocktail Lounge, Soho


Mid-week it is more of a background affair. And when you are trying to catch up with friends or have a business meeting who wants music blaring out anyway? Come Friday and Saturday the basement bar takes on its other persona and the DJ kicks in with party tunes old and new to really get everyone up on their feet! They'll be no business meetings had down here! Oh and look out for the singing barmen...they're great! 


If Archer Street were to have a star sign it would be Gemini: confident, sure of itself, clever, playful and two faced. If you are looking to chill out with friends mid-week its a great new spot and if you want a hidden gem boutique partying experience on the weekend, Archer Street Cocktail Lounge can cater for it all. Look out for me next time you're down there,  ill be the one pretending to be a singing barman!