The Ten Bells Historic Spitalfields boozer launches serene cocktail lounge
84 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, London, E1 6LY

What they say:

The Ten Bells fresh new cocktail lounge is a haven for serene drinking experiences. Make your way upstairs from this 17th century watering hole and explore an inviting retreat, where punters gather on cosy Chesterfields and make light work of a fine spread of shorty cocktails, with many of the spirits infused on site. Renowned mixologist Jerome Slesinski is at the helm.

What we say:

Firmly cemented as one of the East End’s most historically significant pubs, the introduction of this attractive cocktail bar proves there’s an abundance of life in the Ten Bells yet. It’s an airy and alluring hangout, with large windows surveying the streets of Spitalfields below and allowing an easy transition from airy daytime lounge to an atmospheric night-time hangout.