Nightlife in Shoreditch has always had a certain charm and distinctiveness about it from the rest of London. With its creative crowd, the venues in East London break the norm and bring about the cool and the quirky to the drinking game. Such is the case with The Shoreditch Butchery. Recently re-opened after a well-deserved refurbishment, the new look could fool you into thinking you’re no longer in London. Borrowing inspiration from the Brooklyn underground scene, the decor is akin to a working down-town garage!


The Venue

The mysterious staircase was lit by shimmering candles that warmed our welcome and made for a good introduction to the vibrant venue. We were greeted by what you might usually see in a contemporary art museum, not in a bar. The sculpted plaster and the chiselled wall depict an impressive skull (think impressive rather than frightening!). When you’re finished gazing, turn your head in the opposite direction for more eye candy: a buzzing bar, a Mount Rushmore painting and flowery like chandeliers await you. The walls are adorned with rusty boards, the tables are a shimmering grey and the DJ booth is a fine mixture of rugged plywood, tin plates and artistically sculpted speakers.

The Shoreditch Butchery


The Atmosphere & Clientele

From copywriters to art directors, to musicians and media figures The Shoreditch Butchery entices them all. There is a certain something about this place that attracts the most creative and passionate people in London.  You can find yourself drinking next to Florence Welch and mixing tunes next to James Murphy. Don't believe me? Go and check it out for yourself.


The Food and Drink

With a small selection of cocktails, and a couple of bites and nibbles, the beauty of this simple menu rests in well-crafted tastes and flavours. The burgers were well cooked and the meat was juicy, just enough to delight your senses. If you are not in for a meat feast then there is also an impressive mushroom and carrot option for the veggies. To drink, the Batman's Juice Cocktail was gorgeous and certainly did trick for me. A mixture of rum, absinthe, velvet falernum and pineapple juice, this bad boy got me running back and forth between my seat and the bar. Yum!

The Shoreditch Butchery



Among my latest favourites The Shoreditch Butchery offers amazing food and delicious drinks, which is always a good start: the revamp only adds to the pleasurable experience. If you are after either a chilled night with mates, or just a couple before heading down to XOYO The Shoredich Butchery is bound to impress with its cool kid NYC looks and delectable menu. Definitely one to check out...