New bar spy - Shoreditch Sky Terrace

Sit above the law at the sophisticated & elegant Shoreditch Sky Terrace

Shoreditch Sky Terrace

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What they say:

Opening above the suave Courthouse Hotel, the Shoreditch Sky Terrace rests in the former bones of the magistrates office on Old Street. Decorated beautifully in a manner that's befitting a metropolitan hotel bar, the venue's candlelit tables and elegantly simple chairs accompany a sleek bar that props up a team of talented mixologists, each with years of experience when it comes to producing delicately balanced cocktails. Whist frivolous DJ sets intoxicate the weekend nights, the weekdays are serene and calm, drawing couples and close friends from across the city who all wish to watch as the sun disappears behind London's shimmering skyline.  

What we say:

With the summer in full swing, it seems as if there's a new rooftop bar opening in East London every fortnight. Given such high levels of competition, the team behind the Shoreditch Sky Terrace will of course have their work cut out for them. But crucially the sophistication, prestige and swagger of this bar will definitely help to achieve its many lofty endeavors. Unlike most East London rooftop venues that strive solely to create the most avant garde space, the Sky Terrace instead focuses its attention to fine details, ensuring that every aspect is aimed at offering the most opulent experience possible. If this commitment to such a high level of quality can endure, this idyllic spot will undoubtedly become a highlight of Shoreditch's bustling bar scene.