New bar spy - Puttshack

Crazy Golf is going next level with space-age technology and beer-pong holes


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What they say:

The future of crazy golf is here; Puttshack is adding state-of-the-art technology to mini golf games for unbeatable scoring, bonus rounds and the chance to win some cool prizes. From the same people who turned Ping Pong on its head with Bounce, the new venture will have holes such as Beer Pong, Duck Hunt and Half Pipe. As well as recording every tap of the ball, the system will let you see previous games and add or deduct points according to secret bonus spots on the course.

What we say:

They've already upgraded our ping pong games with tech and UV, and now Bounce group are making mini golf all sorts of fancy. Puttshack in Westfields White City is ditching pen and paper for electronic scoring - bad news for cheaters - along with a system that lets you check your previous games. There will be a fully stocked bar, the chance to redeem prizes and even a highlights video of your performance.