The Playboy Club in London has an outlet for most desires of the Knightsbridge clubber; gambling, drinking, dining, dancing and entertainment. Plus each area has its own squad of bunnies, ready to jump through hoops for you. So we headed to their seductive Baroque bar to enjoy the full Playboy experience.

The Venue

When we arrived we were given a tour of the club by a cute blonde bunny in a black corset and tights. Up the stairs we went, where iconic Playboy Magazine covers coat the wall, to an exhibition area where they feature different artists. If you pick up the phone you hear the smooth American voice of vice of Mr Hugh Hefner himself. “Welcome to the Playboy Club…”

We spent most of our time with the red corset bunnies in the Baroque room. It was the liveliest part of the Playboy Club with a cocktail bar, live music stage, dining tables, sofas, DJ decks and a dance floor. The red velvet, magenta lighting and golden framed paintings set a Las Vegas mood with historic undertones. It’s a venue to lose all sense of time and simply let yourself be entertained.

baroque review 1

With booth seating and intimate tables, Baroque is ideal for a classy date to impress your partner.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

If ever I had a idea that bunny tails were going to have greasy fingerprints on them, I was absolutely wrong. The vibe at Baroque was very inviting and friendly. The clientele was mainly made up of mixed groups of men and women in their thirties and above, looking for a fun night out in Knightsbridge. A few tables looked like they might be hosting important business connections as well as a few birthday groups.

We sat down for dinner at around 8.30pm; the stage was manned by a vibrant jazz quintet, which later was joined by a singer in satin gloves oozing prohibition era glamour. The entertainment ran until midnight in bursts of music and fascination; from acrobatics to jazz dance and hoola hoop wiggling, to magic tricks. At midnight the DJs took over playing commercial dance hits, new and old, and the mingling began.

baroque review 2

With great live entertainment, you will be dazzled while you enjoy your stunning drinks.

The Food and Drinks

The cocktails at Baroque were gorgeous and beautifully presented in vintage glassware. We had a nice and hearty meal from their small but varied menu: foie gras for starter, a tender meat main and lemon tart dessert. It was tasty but mildly flavoured. If you’re looking for spice you’re better off sticking with the lovely Margarita or Spicy Fifty (Vanilla Vodka, Lime, Elderflower Cordial, Honey and a slice of Chili).

baroque review 3

Expertly made, and all with a twist or kick, Baroque's cocktails are a real treat.


Baroque proved to be a very entertaining and lively Saturday night. The bunnies give the bar a playful vibe and the Las Vegas atmosphere, indulgent décor and drinks provide something special for those seeking something different for their night out in London.