214 Bermondsey London - Cocktail Bar Review

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By Honey Erisen.

214 Bermondsey is a little gem tucked beneath London Bridge’s Italian comfort food restaurant, Antico. I’d heard a rumour that this place was a gin paradise, plus I love a good London speakeasy bar, so I decided to head down and try it out.

The Venue

Simple, cosy, smart and tasteful. This venue is intimate and familiar. The perfectly dimmed lighting and the perfectly set jazz in the background makes 214 Bermondsey ideal for that catch up or even a hot date. It’s not too bright, but also not too dark that you feel the need to get too up close and personal with your friends. At the same time the music is also at that ideal level that adds an audible buzz behind the chit chat of other drinkers. The venue is minimalist in design, with differently sized cushions and a few shelves with rustic alcohol crates and books. The bar is the stand out feature, standing colourful, well lit and of course well stocked.

214 bermondsey london review

With cosy seating, 214 Bermondsey is a top speakeasy bar in London.

The Clientele and Atmosphere

The 214 Bermondsey visitors are the people that want to go to a bar that is chilled and relaxed; girls that wants to hear all weekly gossip, guys that want to impress a date and after work drinkers after a top meal and tipple. 214 Bermondsey is friendly and exudes home comfort, with top service only adding to your experience. This is the sort of bar where you cuddle up to a cushion, sip on something tasty and forget the stresses of London life.

214 bermondsey london review

214 Bermondsey is a great date night location in London.

The Food and Drinks

The bar is very well stocked, but 214 Bermondsey has something a little different for you and it comes in many exciting variations of gin. Whether you are a gin lover or novice, there are a tasty selection for you to sample; but even more interesting, the ‘Gin Flight’ tasting game, which is a must if you are on a date. The game consists of 3 gin & tonics, each with a different gin; the trick is to guess which you are drinking from the menu and then open the envelope to see if you were right. A clever concept.

For those that fancy a bite, try the Slow-Roasted Rabbit Tortelloni with Sage Butter (£13), or the equally delicious Monkfish, Tomato, Chilli & Garlic Risotto (£14). But let’s face it, there’s a whole Italian restaurant menu to choose from, so tuck in.

214 bermondsey london review

The drinks at 214 Bermondsey are carefully crafted and unique experience.


214 Bermondsey is quaint, inviting and a bar definitely worth visiting, if only to sample some of the excellent gin concoctions. If you’re after a great place for a date, head to 214 Bermondsey for some great drinks, classy Italian cuisine and unique atmosphere. The best thing is, you can book a table with us, so don't wait, book now!