After once again coming down with a case of Monday Blues, I skipped my way towards the City with the hope of sipping cocktails with those candy-coated slickers. This time around I found myself at Old Broad Street's Corney and Barrow, an oh-so elegant space within a few strides of Liverpool Street.

Atmosphere and Clientele:

Playing a smooth mix of relaxed lounge music with a touch of soul, I eased into a deep navy leather booth and sipped at a divinely dry prosecco. We found the bar staff attentive, approachable and very friendly; quicky setting us on our way for the evening. 

The venue was filled with a healthy contingent of colleagues having a tipple or two after a long day at the office, and I spied a couple of first dates enjoying a few cocktails and a cheeky Monday night flirt. Corney and Barrow is the perfect venue for a relaxed drink, good for larger groups or an intimate catch up after work.

The venue was abuzz with the chatter of a crowd seeking some after-work refreshment.

Food and Drink:

Myself and a fellow member of the Monday night drinking club chose from a varied assortment of gourmet nibbles that made up the Appetizer Menu.

We started with chorizo sausage rolls with smoked paprika ketchup, before working our way on to fresh cucumber and pan fried halloumi and tiger prawns. A personal highlight was the chips with parmesan and truffle oil, which offered the perfect uncomplicated snack with a touch of luxury! This was complemented by a crisp, dry glass of Le Colture Brut prosecco.

The diverse, uncomplicated range of tastes and flavours offered a perfect mix; my only wish would be for the portions to be slightly larger, but it should be noted that a fuller and more indulgent menu can be sampled at lunch time.

A gourmet spread of appetizers hit the spot in the company of a crisp glass of prosecco.


The bar is spacious, airy and surrounded with elegance. Fronting marbled floors, a mish-mash of deep blue and green seating and dark wood tables; Corney & Barrow's interiors exude a classic yet very modern feel. It offers an unpretentious and upmarket feel, with a great atmosphere to unwind and forget the bustle of the City rat race.

Stylish yet welcoming; Corney and Barrow offers a haven from the hectic nature of City life. 


Exceptional service, a comfortable atmosphere and a good choice of both food and booze means Corney and Barrow can count on my custom again. I'd recommend this venue for one after an affordable quality who is avoiding heading to any old pub after the daily grind!